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They won’t say exactly when or where, but the Santa Fe Police Department will be conducting a DWI checkpoint this weekend.

Here is their emailed news release from Monday morning:

As part of the ongoing efforts to keep Santa Fe roads and streets safe, the Santa Fe Police Department will conduct a Sobriety Checkpoint the weekend of July 28th. Driving under the influence is a crime. Anyone caught driving under the influence will be arrested, their automobile may be seized and they will incur significant costs included legal bills.


[Video courtesy Santa Fe Police Department]

Nicole Castellano, the 42-year-old who earlier this month lost her Democratic primary bid for the state Senate District 39 seat, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated DWI and resisting an officer.

Police on Monday released the arrest video and audio.

The video shows her (more…)

Santa Fe Police Officer Jon Lopez, 30. (Mug shot courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Santa Fe police late Sunday confirmed Patrol Officer Jon Lopez was arrested earlier in the evening on a domestic violence offense.

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Deputies on Sunday arrested the 30-year-old Lopez, who lives in Santa Fe. The three-year veteran of the force was booked into the Santa Fe County jail at 9:06 p.m. and charged with battery against a household member and interfering with communications, according to an online jail database. Lopez was being held without bond as of late Sunday.

It is unclear what exactly (more…)

Santa Fe Police Officers Association logo.

Santa Fe police and the city administration are no longer at an impasse following Tuesday night’s vote by the Santa Fe Police Officers Association to ratify a new labor contract.

Police were the final holdout in a round of labor negotiations with the city’s three employee unions ordered by the City Council in budget approvals for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

Wages are not affected by the contract change, but police union workers agreed to give up some incentives and other benefits.

Police union President Adam Gallegos said union members who voted at an emergency meeting favored the contract by a margin of nearly 3-to-1.

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CLICK TO ENLARGE (Photos courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Suspected speed SUV shooter Scott R. Powell, 63, was booked into the Santa Fe County jail on Friday afternoon after a bizarre morning that included a chase around downtown Santa Fe.

Here are some links to coverage:

And here is the infamous original shooting video:

So what do you think? Is this effective recruiting for the SFPD, which has pretty consistently been down about 10-15 officers the past couple years.

This video was made in 2008 and hasn’t really been used much. Today, Lt. Louis Carlos dug up the old YouTube link and sent out a Tweet about it on the department’s public information Twitter account.

Here is a link to the story and details associated with the above video shot by New Mexican photographer Luis Sanchez Saturno:

Information is very limited at this point, but the Santa Fe Police Department felt it was newsworthy enough to send out the following press release to the media on Saturday afternoon so I’ll share it and update if I can this evening when I find out more… I’m guessing this will be another violent crime investigation for SFPD, the second in the past couple days.

Here is the press release sent by Lt. Dale Lettenberger:

Around 11 a.m. the Santa Fe Police Department responded to an address in the 1500 Block of Don Gaspar Ave. in reference to a ambulance assist. Upon arrival a 49-year-old female was located within a residence.

The female was transported to Christus St. Vincent Hospital with severe life threatening injuries.

At this time the police department is in the process of obtaining search warrants on two separate residence in order to gain access to preserve any evidence.

New Mexico State Police

A multi-agency police police task force on Saturday performed a DWI warrant roundup in Santa Fe County netting four arrests.

There were 42 targets in the warrant roundup, according to New Mexico State Police Lt. Robert McDonald.

The warrant roundup is part of the ongoing Operation Descansos that started Sept. 26, 2010, as a partnership between the New Mexican and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. It is a program aimed at serving outstanding warrants for DWI-related offenses.There have been 898 warrants served, according to State Police, since the program started.

Officers from New Mexico State Police, Santa Fe Police Department and the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office were a part of the recent roundup.

Tensions aren’t likely to settle between the SFPD union and the administration anytime soon.

After months of court battles and bickering, and seemingly very little negotiating, the controversial shift change — officers will have to work five 8-hour shifts rather than four 10-hour shifts — at the Santa Fe Police Department is about to take effect starting June 4.

But after being told it would only apply to the 80 or so officers in the department’s patrol division, city cops this week learned it applies to the entire department, meaning more like 150 officers are being affected according to one union member’s estimate.

Ultimately, this was always a decision the (more…)