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Patricio M. Serna (Photo courtesy

New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Patricio Serna, a former 11-year State District Judge in Santa Fe, announced Friday he’ll be stepping down from the bench at the end of August.

He served on the First Judicial District bench in Santa Fe from 1985 through 1996.

Obviously this will be a big political issue for this state moving forward as debates will brew over who will be chosen to replace Serna.

For now, here is the news release sent out Friday by the Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court of New Mexico announced today that Justice Patricio M. Serna will retire at midnight on (more…)


New Mexico State Supreme Court (2011)

This was a news release sent out Thursday morning from the American Bar Association:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 3, 2011—The American Bar Association Commission for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession will present the 2012 Spirit of Excellence Award to New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Petra Jimenez Maes, the commission announced today.

The annual Spirit of Excellence Awards celebrate the accomplishments of lawyers who promote a more racially and ethnically diverse legal profession.

“Justice Maes’ devotion to racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession is evident in her (more…)

Barrey Massey’s AP story in Wednesday’s New Mexican could be a pretty big deal for Northern New Mexican, an area with many tribal casinos and a long history of drunken driving cases (for everyone, not just tribal members).

In Barrey’s story, he writes:

The family of two siblings killed in a car accident can seek damages against a tribal casino for serving them alcohol after they became intoxicated, the state’s highest court has ruled.

Santa Ana Pueblo’s casino had argued that the legal dispute should be handled in tribal court rather than in a state court. The state Supreme Court disagreed in a ruling on Monday.

The unanimous decision permits a wrongful death lawsuit to move ahead against the Santa Ana Star Casino near Bernalillo.

Here is a link to Bartrey’s story as published in The New Mexican:

Robert E. Robles (Image courtesy

You can’t sit on the State Court of Appeals bench with a DWI conviction on your résumé.

That about sums up the decision of the New Mexico State Supreme Court, which forced the hand of State Court of Appeals Judge Robert Robles to resign after a February arrest and subsequent conviction on a first-offense DWI.

Robles, the former Las Cruces judge, has agreed to step down and resign effective June 1. He has also agreed to never again accept or even seek appointment to the bench. For good measure, a Supreme Court order released Monday also orders publication in the state’s Bar Bulletin a formal reprimand.

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Abraham Baca (New Mexican file photo)

The New Mexico Supreme Court last week put on hold the DWI trial of former New Mexico State Police officer Abraham Baca.

Actually, the reason the Tuesday and Wednesday trial in front of State District Judge Stephen Pfeffer is because it will actually be the second time he’ll be asked to go to trial, which is why his defense attorney, Ben Ortega, the former standout high school star cross country and track state champion from Taos HS (sorry, that’s my sportswriting background sneaking in the blog), filed asked the court to toss the proposed retrial because of double-jeopardy issues.

Baca first had his case tossed out of Rio Arriba County Magistrate Court by Alex Naranjo, who (more…)