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This from The New Mexican’s Local News in Brief section for Jan. 21:

Attorney General Gary King says the state is responsible for paying to furnish a new district courthouse in Santa Fe.

The state Board of Finance is to consider a request Thursday from the First Judicial District for a loan of nearly $827,000 for (more…)


A woman at a Bumblebees, a downtown Santa Fe restaurant, overheard a man on a cell phone say he was going to “waste” somebody at the nearby courthouse.

The woman called Santa Fe police, who called the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department as a precaution as they provide courthouse security. The Sheriff’s Office decided to put the courthouse on lockdown as a precaution, but that lockdown was lifted at 10:20 a.m. with no suspect found.

This is what was sent out about the phone call Santa Fe Police received:

Citizen reported overhearing a cell phone conversation of male threatening to “waste” somebody. Specific person targeted is not known. Sheriff Dept was notified. Officers are searching the immediate area of District Court. Male suspect is identified to be wearing a blue baseball cap, white jacket, tan shorts and long white socks. Call police if you see him.

Certainly nothing very specific about the threat, but that is what was happening in downtown Santa Fe this morning for any interested. I will update here if anything more comes of this.

Santa Fe Police apprehend one of two teenagers who escaped custody in downtown Santa Fe on Monday. (Courtesy photo from our media partner Gadi Schwartz at KOB-TV)

Police caught two teenage boys — 16-year-old Austin Serrano and 17-year-old Jordan Vigil — who Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Deputies say escaped custody while at the First Judicial District Courthouse in downtown Santa Fe.

The teens escaped custody of the Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office, which was in charge of transporting them to the courthouse.

The two teens, who police say were in tan jail jumpsuits and were barefoot for some reason, were tracked down — one by Santa Fe Police, one by New Mexico State Police — thanks in part to cops being able to track their footprints in the snow. There are reports of one residential and one auto burglary in the area at the time of their Monday afternoon escape. Police are investigating whether the teens were responsible.

Colleague Robert Nott will have a story for tomorrow’s New Mexican as I am off today and out of the office.

Thanks to media partner Gadi “On the Spot” for sharing the pic.