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CLICK TO ENLARGE: New Mexico State Police Sgt. Andy Tingwall died in a Search and Rescue mission in 2009 in the Santa Fe area. (Courtesy photos)

Nice gesture from New Mexico State Police here, even if it does coincide with a change in call signs for the department’s entire airborne fleet.

This from an email Tuesday morning from DPS spokesman Tony Lynn:

Effective today the New Mexico State Police Helicopter will now be identified as ABLE-6.  The call sign is being changed so that the previous call sign, N606SP, can be retired to honor fallen helicopter pilot, Sergeant Andy Tingwall.

Sgt. Tingwall was on a Search and Rescue mission in June 2009 near the Santa Fe Ski Basin when the tail rotor of his State Police helicopter struck the mountain side causing a rapid decent and subsequent crash killing Sgt. Tingwall and Megumi  Yamamoto, a stranded hiker  he was trying to rescue from the mountain.

ABLE will now recognize all the State Police rotary wing aircraft.  ABLE is an acronym for AirBorne Law Enforcement.

Here is just one of the many articles posted on The New Mexican website following the 2009 crash:


This from a news release just sent out to the state’s media by New Mexico State Police Lt. Tim Johnson, who serves as that agency’s public information officer as well as the PIO for the state’s Department of Public Safety, which oversees the state crime lab:

SANTA FE — The Department of Public Safety, Forensic Laboratory Bureau recently discovered that five pieces of evidence were missing from two separate burglary cases.  The evidence had been seized by Farmington Police Department and the Santa Fe Police Department during their investigations.

One latent (fingerprint) lift is missing from the Farmington case and four latent lifts are missing from the Santa Fe case.  The (more…)

The New Mexico State Police public information officer is retiring his pager after "a long and distinguished career." (Photo courtesy of New Mexico State Police... yes, that's the actual pager that is retiring)

I think Sgt. Tim Johnson may have said it best in an e-mail he sent out to reporters around the state this morning:

After a long and distinguished career the NMSP/DPS PIO pager will be retired as of 4 PM on Friday, August 5, 2011.  From that point forward all questions/inquiries/requests should be routed through a generic state email address that has been set up.

I know. It’s hard to believe. I’m choked up myself. I’m sure the pager will be given a ceremonial “last buzz” on Friday afternoon before the battery is pulled for the last time.

OK, so I know this isn’t exactly hard crime news, but (more…)

New Mexico State Police

Congrats to all the officers honored Wednesday at a ceremony at the Department of Public Safety headquarters at Cerrillos Road and Jaguar Drive in Santa Fe. I was downtown covering the Greg Solano plea hearing, but thank you to Sgt. Tim Johnson for putting together a list of the honorees so I could post it here on the blog.

(By the way, the State Police Agent of the Year, Jesse Williams, was the lead investigator in the Solano case and was at court Wednesday as well).

The following is information provided by New Mexico State Police:

  • Officer of the Year — Milton Brett Jensen (D-12 Deming)
  • Agent of the Year — Jesse Williams (Investigations Bureau)
  • Civilian of the Year — Judy Maes (D-7 Espanola)
  • Medal of Valor — Byran Waller (D-1 Santa Fe)
  • Robert Shilling – Chief
  • Pete Kassetas – Deputy Chief
  • Joseph (more…)

Since Nov. 24, eight law-enforcement officers with a rank of deputy chief or higher at three departments based in the Santa Fe area are no longer in those positions for a variety of reasons, creating a lot of transition within area police forces. The number is nine if you count DPS Secretary as a law enforcement officer.

(And when you think about it, who wouldn’t count recently-retired John Denko as a cop no matter what he’s doing? I think Denko could be at home baking a pie right now and it would only seem right to describe him as a cop baking a pie.)

Anyway, here is a breakdown of nine recent shake-ups in the Santa Fe area with a brief explanation of each position change (more…)

Operation Descansos (There is a "CLICK HERE" link in the second paragraph of the body of the blog post for cleaner, readable .pdf version of the page that published in Sunday's New Mexican)

The Santa Fe New Mexican on Sunday published 98 more mug shots  of people a multi-agency law-enforcement and courts task force say are wanted in connection with drunken-driving offenses in Santa Fe County.

The newspaper is publishing the list and mug shots once every three months. A full .pdf version of the page that published Sunday can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

From Sunday’s article by Anne Constable:

They are among the more than 1,000 offenders who either bonded out of jail and didn’t show up to face the charges against them, or who failed to comply with the terms of their sentences for driving drunk.

The courts and law-enforcement agencies believe all the people listed today have valid warrants out for their arrests and live in Santa Fe County. (more…)

A few weeks ago when I requested the applications for the state’s Department of Public Safety Secretary and New Mexico State Police positions, I didn’t expect to get the run around from Gov.-elect Susana Martinez’s transition team.

But I did. (more…)

I didn’t post this yesterday when it happened (there was an AP story in Wednesday’s New Mexican written by Barry Massey about it), but Gov.-elect Susana Martinez on Tuesday announced her nominee for Department of Public Safety Secretary.

She tabbed former U.S. Marshal Gorden E. Eden Jr., who was marshal in the state from 2002 until early this year and was director for Motor Vehicle Division from Nov. 1997 through May 2002 under Gov. Gary Johnson. Eden also worked at DPS from 1991-95.

His appointment is subject to state Senate confirmation.

I asked New Mexico State Police Lt. Eric Garcia what he thought of the selection for Eden. Here is what Garcia said:

Eden has a solid background with a wealth of experience. His grass root knowledge of New Mexico DPS  makes him that much more valuable.

Eden replaces outgoing DPS Secretary John Denko, who has served in just about every law enforcement capacity in this state through the years, including police chief here in Santa Fe.

Here is the background…

I put in am Inspection of Public Records Act request last week for the names of applicants for the New Mexico State Police Chief and Department of Public Safety Secretary that have been submitted to Gov.-elect Susana Martinez’s transition team. (CLICK HERE for Saturday’s story)

The initial response I got from a senior member of the transition team was:

“The transition will be very open about who is doing the searches and even interviews, and how this is being done. In fact, we’re proud of it. But applicants need to be afforded a reasonable amount of privacy. Otherwise, highly-qualified people might be reluctant to apply. Most candidates don’t tell their current employer when they are applying for a job.

“The transition is not subject to IPRA. The Web site and all matters relating to screening and hiring are being done outside of government with no government resources. Even if IPRA applied, there is an exception for personnel matters, as there should be.” (more…)