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Video by Nico Roesler/The New Mexican

Santa Fe police on Wednesday bade Luis Aguilar walk the gauntlet with waiting reporters outside after he was arrested and charged with multiple burglary-related crimes. Police say a DNA match from blood found at one 2010 and one 2011 burglary linked Aguilar to those crimes leading to Wednesday’s charges.

Jail records show Aguilar, 29, has been arrested 16 times on property crime offenses since 2007, often times having his case dismissed when his mental competency to stand trial was challenged in court.

Here is a link to an article from Nico Roesler with more info on Aguilar’s arrest:


CLICK TO ENLARGE -- From left: Cesar Barba-Villegas, Dolores Garcia and Jasbel Gonzalez were arrested Monday and charged with burglarizing the home of Dolores' grandparents. (Jail mug shots courtesy Santa Fe County jail).

Three teenagers were arrested Monday and charged with burglary according to a statement released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the two homes the teens burglarized, police say, was the home of the grandparents of 19-year-old Dolores Garcia, one of the three arrested.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office arrest three individuals suspected of breaking into two homes located within Santa Fe County, belonging to one of the suspects’ grandparents.

Dolores Garcia, age 19, her husband (more…)

Juan Frank Nieto, 24. (Booking mug courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

This from the Santa Fe Police Department’s Public Information Office on Thursday morning about a Wednesday arrest:

Vigilant citizen observes burglar leave neighbor’s home and follows burglary suspect. Citizen called police while following the thief giving dispatchers up-to-date location information of the suspect’s whereabouts. Juan Frank Nieto was arrested for burglary and police have tied him to other burglaries in the area! Thank you concerned and vigilant neighbor!

We’ll have much more of the specifics on The New Mexican website later today. I believe reporter Phaedra Haywood is on the assignment for this one.

According to the Santa Fe County jail website, Nieto was booked in the facility at 8:01 p.m. Wednesday on the following charges: two counts of burglary and one count each of receiving stolen property, criminal damage to property and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is also being held on a probation violation charge.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Wanted poster sent out to media on Wednesday for a local repeat property crime offender Rocky Romero. (Poster courtesy Santa Fe Police Department)

Santa Fe police on Wednesday morning sent out a wanted poster for repeat property crime offender Rocky Romero, 30, whose last address according to jail records is 3331 Caminito Quintana.

Online Santa Fe County jail records show 25 arrests/bookings into that facility since 2000.

Romero’s name most recently popped up in New Mexican archives as having been charged in connection with the multi-agency burglary ring bust of the alleged Lil Dragon Pizza fencing operation in August. Lt. Louis Carlos email to media on Wednesday says there is a warrant out for Romero’s arrest this go ’round for a charge of failing to comply with the terms of electronic monitoring.

The pending felony case Romero was on electronic monitoring for charges him with six counts of burglary, one count of attempted burglary and seven counts of conspiracy. Court records show those alleged offenses occurred July 27 through Aug. 8.


As reported in Friday’s New Mexican, the city had a minor (very minor) cause for brief celebration on Wednesday when for the first time in 2011 not one person called police to report a burglary in the city of Santa Fe.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t crime or that there wasn’t any burglary that occurred even, but for the only calendar day the entire year so far, not one new burglary report came into the Santa Fe Police Department.

There was on Wednesday, however, one report of a downtown purse snatching that we reported in the Police Notes section of Friday’s paper.

The victim of that purse snatching then took to the power of the pen to voice her gripes with the police department in a Letter to the Editor that also happened to publish on Friday. Here is what she wrote:

On my birthday, Nov. 30, a youth, running, grabbed the purse off my shoulder as I was (more…)

Henry Montero-Torcida (Photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

The blog action quiets down quite a bit over the weekend when I’m playing Daddy with a sick little daughter at home. Here is a catch up of just a few crime stories from the past few days:

A Santa Fe man has been arrested on voyeurism charges after he was caught allegedly taking inappropriate photos of several women, including minors, at a local Kmart.

Henry Montero-Torcida allegedly (more…)

Fewer homes were broken into in the first half of 2011 than in any of the previous three years.

After 2010 set record highs in burglary numbers in Santa Fe, increased communication between the DA’s office and Santa Fe Police, among others, has led to a dramatic decrease in property crime numbers in the city limits through the first half of 2011.

Here are the numbers based on reports between Jan. 1 and June 30 with same numbers (Jan. 1 – June 30) for the previous three years and the total numbers for those years in parenthesis: (more…)

Sabrina Esquibel (Photo courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

If you go by the general consensus of the community, judges in Santa Fe are far more likely to issue a slap on the wrist for burglary suspect bonds than slap them with actual bond amounts that do any good.

While most of the complaints I hear of at the Magistrate Court level, there are plenty of gripes about Michael Vigil and Stephen Pfeffer at State District Court, too.

So when accused serial burglar Sabrina Esquibel was getting arraigned Monday in Pfeffer’s court, imagine the surprise of the attorneys, bondsmen, probation officers and especially the defendants in the courtroom when (more…)

Juanito Jaramillo (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County jail from 2009 arrest)

A search warrant filed in State District Court on Monday indicates police may have solved at least four reported auto burglaries from the Echo Amphitheater in Rio Arriba County over the past month.

Juanito Jaramillo, 29, of Abiquiú was arrested Wednesday by New Mexico State Police on a charge of being in possession of a stolen debit card.

That card was linked to a reported burglary of a Volvo owned by (more…)

More homes were burglarized in Santa Fe than at any time in the past 15 years and probably ever since the crime stats only were released from that year on.

The Santa Fe Police Department on Monday released crime statistics for 2010 (numbers at bottom of post) and the number of residential burglaries are at what the department believes to be an all-time high (although accurate reporting statistics date back only to 1995).

It should be noted that while the general consensus is that burglaries have shot through the roof in the last year or two, the number of auto and commercial burglaries were both lower in 2010 than in 2007.

And the all-time high for residential burglaries is at an average of just over 2 homes being hit per day in the city limits for a city the Census is at about 68,000 people. I don’t know that that number jumps out and screams epidemic, but (more…)