SFPD release DWI arrest video of recent state senate hopeful Nicole Castellano

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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[Video courtesy Santa Fe Police Department]

Nicole Castellano, the 42-year-old who earlier this month lost her Democratic primary bid for the state Senate District 39 seat, was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated DWI and resisting an officer.

Police on Monday released the arrest video and audio.

The video shows her white SUV stopped in the parking lot of the Santa Fe Place mall moments after they say she was involved in a crash on Camino Entrada near the Santa Fe Police Department.

Between audio from the police car of Sgt. Mario Salvidrez and the officers lapel audio recorder, you can hear Castellano initially being argumentative from inside her white sport utility vehicle. She eventually gets out, then tries to walk back into her truck before officers grab her arm and walk her to the back of her vehicle.

Here is the exchange that follows as best as I could transcribe it:

Castellano: “I understand you want to put me before the camera. And then I understand you want to put me before a camera that has political explications (sic).”

Officer Salvidrez: “I’m not interested in your political…”

Castellano: “Yes. And that’s all right.”

Officer Salvidrez: “Mrs. Castellano, you’re drunk. That’s what I’m interested in. You’re drunk. You got involved in a crash. You didn’t stay at the crash. You came over here. You made no effort to call (inaudible).”

Castellano: “I called the lady and asker her to please come over to, uh, the situation. … I asked her to please come to a situation that was close and that was not in a position of Cerrillos and the location of (inaudible).”

Here is this weekend’s story posted on The New Mexican‘s website:

Here is Monday’s updated version of the story by Nico Roesler:


  1. Chief Running Bear says:

    I wonder if this gets dismissed because she’s out celebrating. What’s the follow-up

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