City of Santa Fe, police union reach agreement

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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From city reporter Julie Ann Grimm posted Wednesday online and published in a print article on Thursday:

The Santa Fe police union and city management have come to an agreement that leaders say could end a negotiation impasse and avoid arbitration hearings scheduled for next week.

Members of the union were expected to vote on the proposal Tuesday. If they and the City Council approve, the deal would result in changes to the Santa Fe Police Officers Association’s current labor contract with the city.

Wages wouldn’t fall, but officers represented by the union no longer would be eligible for some incentives, including part of leave packages for military service and bereavement.

“The POA is pleased to have reached a tentative agreement and is ready to work with the city of Santa Fe administration,” said a statement issued by union President Adam Gallegos. “Together, we will all continue to work hard on public safety for Santa Fe. The POA is ready to press forward with our ongoing commitment to reduce crime and make this the safest community possible.”

For the full article, here is the link:


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