State cop suspended for delivering soccer shin guards to his daughter

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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New Mexico State Police

A New Mexico State Police Officer stationed in Santa Fe has had his law enforcement certification suspended for delivering, while on duty, shin guards to his daughter’s soccer game out of his patrol district.

This is from Nico Roesler’s article published in Tuesday’s New Mexican:

An on-duty New Mexico state police officer who used his squad car to deliver shin guards to his daughter playing soccer in Bernalillo has been disciplined for leaving his assigned patrol area. In January, the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board revoked his certification as an officer for 18 months.

Following a set of hearings, William Cunningham was also put on probation from his job until January 2015.

Cunningham and his attorneys are now asking the state District Court to overturn the decision. “Because of the way the hearing was handled and the underlying facts, he should not be subject to any discipline at all,” Eric Loman said Monday.

Albuquerque attorneys Loman and Sam Bregman allege that Nathan Korn, the board’s hearing officer, was biased against Cunningham.

. . .

Cunningham left Santa Fe, his assigned patrol area, on Feb. 21, 2010, for one hour and seven minutes to take the shin guards to his daughter.

The order of revocation was not made official until Jan. 23, and will run through July 2013.

For more on this from Nico’s article, here is the link:

  1. bob says:

    thats a very harsh sentence. how about deducting a days pay and 100 in fuel cost

  2. fc1234 says:

    what about all the drunken ones? the ones beating their wives? having sex on hood? wow this poor guy must not be one of the good ol boys and not in the click!!

  3. bm says:

    Damn! I guess it costs to be a good father and role model?????

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