AGs Office releases video about St. Vincent hospital fraud indictments

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office on Tuesday released a video it says clarifies what happened last week when two indictments were handed down to Loretta Mares and Richard Crabtree in the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center fraud case.

The video is 3 minutes, 35 seconds long and includes the following disclaimer at the beginning of the video:

This report series clarifies the position of the Attorney General’s Office by showing expanded interviews.

Unfortunately, there are no interviews whatsoever and instead the first 1:23 of the video shows only text from a press release sent out last week and then two minutes of AG Gary King giving a prepared statement to the media at the press conference. There is no Q&A with him and reporters or with any of the three men standing behind him during the press conference.

Still, I do like the approach of the office putting out video, starting a blog, starting a twitter account recently and all the ways they try to get its message out.

Here is the New Mexican’s version of the story from last week:

And here is the video:

  1. Red S says:

    Gary King uses the state tax dollars to promote himself any chance he gets. Interesting how he used bait and switch to get interest in this video, but sadly typical of his office. In my own opinion, the reason he finally got in this case after years of doing nothing, was because he has supported his friend Michelle Grisham for years, and this helps smear her current opponent Martin Chavez. (the connection to his girlfriend).

  2. […] 2.28.12 — The New Mexico Attorney General’s office released the following video to clarify the indictments against Crabtree and Mares. Geoff Gammer’s Santa Fe Crime blogpost. […]

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