Full statement from AG’s Office regarding Alfred Lovato not guilty verdict

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Alfred Lovato, the former state police sergeant riding in Carlos Fierro's passenger seat when he struck and killed a man in 2008, was found not guilty on Tuesday. (File photo by Jane Phillips/The New Mexican)

Here is the emailed statement sent out Tuesday afternoon by New Mexico Attorney General Gary King after former state police officer Alfred Lovato was found not guilty of leaving the scene of a 2008 crash that killed a pedestrian (he had his vehicular homicide charge tossed out Monday before the jury was allowed to deliberate the charge):

(SANTA FE)—In response to the acquittal of Alfred Lovato on vehicular homicide charges, Attorney General Gary King had this to say, “Our perspective on what happened is straightforward—two adult men decided they were going to get stinking drunk together; both decided they should drive despite being severely impaired; then they stopped to get snacks together; and both were in the car when they struck and killed a pedestrian. We are disappointed that the judge did not let the jury deliberate on our evidence because we believe they would have agreed with us that both men are responsible for William Tenorio’s death that tragic evening in Santa Fe.”

Nonetheless, Attorney General King says his office respectfully accepts the ruling of the court but he vows to continue to try to keep drunk drivers off our roads. He strongly believes that people need to be held accountable for their actions involving DWI.

“It is never a waste of time and resources to try to get justice for a man who was run over and killed by a couple of drunks,” said AG King.

As for Lovato’s being found not guilty today on the felony offense of leaving the scene of an accident, AG King says he is disappointed.

Here is a link to the story posted online moments after the verdict:


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