Property crime down in Santa Fe in 2011 (compared to record highs in 2010)

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Crime reporter Nico Roesler had a story in Thursday’s New Mexican about the decline of property crime in the Santa Fe area (county and city property crime rates dropped) in 2011.

It would be crazy not to point out that while the decreases are great news for area residents, and certainly better than the alternative, the drop is based on comparing the numbers to the record high property crime reports in the city limits in 2010.

It’s all relative. The numbers still aren’t great, but they’re headed in the right direction.

For some further context, here is a LINK to a March 2011 blog post (also linked at bottom of this blog post) in which I had that provided 15 years of residential burglary statistics and four years each for auto and commercial burglary numbers.

Here is a blog post I had in December with a similar theme from Nico’s story which is that when police arrest more burglars, the property crimes seem to go down:

Also, for some context, here is a March 2011 blog post I had with four-year crime statistics (and 15 years worth for residential burglary):

Here is a link to Nico’s story:

  1. Mark says:

    Ironic, my neighbor’s car was broken into last night in the street right outside my house last night. At 440 am I heard metal scraping and later what sounded like car doors closing. I looked out all my windows but couldn’t see anything it tell where the noise was coming from. I have a high backyard wall, which blocks my view of the parked cars. This morning I saw the neighbors car with a missing passenger window and a piece of metal sticking out if the driver side door lock. RATS! It was close enough in time to when some people get up for work and several houses had lights on so I didn’t call it in. Regret it now.

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