(w/ new mug shot) Jerome Block Jr. checks in at Central N.M. prison facility

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Jerome Block Jr. mug shot Feb. 2, 2012. (Courtesy N.M. Department of Corrections)

Jerome Block Jr. has been transferred to the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility where he will undergo a 60-day diagnostic evaluation before final sentencing on his recent felony plea agreement with the state.

Here is his new mug shot from the Department of Corrections.

And here is a portion of Steve Terrell’s story from last Friday’s court hearing for Block that was supposed to be his sentencing hearing before State District Judge Michael Vigil first ordered the evaluation before final sentencing:

Resigned state Public Regulation Commission member Jerome Block Jr. should spend some time inside a prison, state District Judge Michael Vigil said Friday.

Vigil ordered Block to undergo a 60-day psychological evaluation at the state Corrections Department facility in Los Lunas before the judge imposes final sentencing for various felonies to which Block pleaded guilty last year, including embezzlement of public funds.

The 34-year-old Española-area resident, who has admitted he has a drug problem, still could be sentenced up to 4 1/2 years in prison.

“Your activities in Drug Court showed you still don’t understand the seriousness of your addiction,” the judge told Block. “You haven’t hit bottom yet.”

As a part of a plea bargain with the state Attorney General’s Office last year, Block was allowed to enter the Drug Court rehabilitation program. Had he completed the program successfully, Block could have avoided any prison time and there would have been no record of his felony convictions.

However, Block was kicked out of the program after only three months because of violations that included testing positive for cocaine and for doing something Vigil said showed “complete disregard” for another program participant’s need for sobriety.

Vigil told Block he needs to undergo a psychological evaluation because “maybe we’re missing something.”

Here is a link to Steve’s latest article on Block:

  1. dabearpapa says:

    All this for a couple of taks of gas and a few chimchamgas… {sigh}. Maybe he will get straightened out and straight now.

  2. charles mackentosh says:

    Yeah, this is not all about “all this for a couple of taks of gas and a few chimchangas…(sigh).” People continue to downplay and dismiss his inappropriate behavior as “it’s okay, buddy, you have a drug habit and you need some help.” The fact remains the former PRC member took advantage of the political office he was elected to perform and aganist the will of the people. It is called stealing, lying (purjury), and cheating (fraud), etc. Basically, Mr. Jerome Block criminal actions did meet all of the things you are not suppose to be violating in accordance with the Ten Commandments rules. Yeah, he has a chance to repent himself with his God and maybe, he might be saved afterall.

  3. ALEX says:


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