Arthur Anaya’s new mug shot at Santa Fe County jail

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Arthur Anaya mug shots Jan. 27, 2012. (Courtesy Santa Fe County jail) CLICK TO ENLARGE

Arthur Anaya, the double-homicide suspect who surrendered Friday evening after a four-day manhunt, was booked into the Santa Fe County jail at 8:01 p.m. Friday.

He was served an arrest warrant charging two open counts of murder of 16-year-old Austin Urban and 51-year-old Theresa Vigil on Monday afternoon in their mobile home on Anaya’s property near Rabbit Road and Old Galisteo Road.

Here is the breaking story compiled by myself but primarily new crime reporter Nico Roesler from Friday evening:

  1. lorienskye1 says:

    YAY! The work of the Romero family searching for Anaya is incredible! Thankfully, the SFPD managed to capture him before he hurt anyone else. Good job to everyone-I can rest easier knowing this guy is arrested and no longer a threat!

  2. charles mackentosh says:

    I am glad the SFPD SWAT intervene on apprehending and arresting this homicide suspect in the end without any more violence in our community. The victim’s family of the deceased can now plan thier funeral services and put their loveones to rest. On the same note, I am just curious on why the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department does not have a SWAT Unit? Prior to the former Sheriff Solano resignation, I heard that he dismantle the SWAT Unit for internal and political reasons within his department. It is sad the general public has been exposed to a public safety threat ever since he got rid of his SWAT members. I bet now that current Sheriff will respond “it is not true,” but if you research budget line items on operational matters for this department, you will find out a different story.

    • David says:

      Santa Fe County and Santa Fe City police departments cooperate on a joint swat team. Both agencies work together and have a group of people on a single swat team. Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office did a great job with this; I know personally as they were in my neighborhood the morning of the arrest searching the area…and I live about 2 miles (off of Old Las Vegas Hwy) from where the original incident occurred.

      • David says:

        Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department was the primary agency in this…Santa Fe PD assisted. Both deserve equal amounts of credit.

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