Manhunt continues for Arthur ‘Arturo’ Anaya, wanted on two counts of murder

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Arthur Anaya, 54. (mug shots courtest Santa Fe County jail) — CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The manhunt for Arthur ‘Arturo’ Anaya, 54, continued into Wednesday.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Read latest story here)

Anaya has an arrest warrant out for him charging two counts of murder with a $1 million bond awaiting him if captured.

Police say he shot in the face 16-year-old Austin Urban on Monday and shot in the forehead 51-year-old Theresa Vigil. Both died. The pair, along with Vigil’ 17-year-old daughter, Natalie, who also happens to be Austin’s girlfriend, lived for the past five months in a trailer on property owned by Anaya at 22 Paseo Galisteo.

The shooting happened after a fight over rent owed Anaya.

Our new cops/courts reporter, Nico Roesler, has been breaking his teeth on the crime beat this week with a very intense story and he’s been doing a great job. We got a hold of the arrest warrant Tuesday morning despite it not yet being served on Anaya and it has some gruesome details (see story) about what happened, especially the fact that not only did Natalie witness her mom and boyfriend both be shot in the face, but then was told to load their bodies in the trunk of a car.

Here is the story published Monday (and in Tusday’s paper) and also the one posted Tuesday (and in Wednesday’s print edition):


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