Blood test comes back 0.08 — legally intoxicated — for doctor involved in fatal crash

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Deborah L. Aaron, 56, of Santa Fe. (Booking mug courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

Dr. Deborah Aaron had a 0.08 blood alcohol content the night of the fatal car crash at St. Francis Drive and Siringo Road hat killed 4-year-old Yuliana Reyes Vasquez, according to a blood sample taken from the woman the night of the crash.

Police continue to investigate witness accounts of the crash to determine whether Aaron or Karla Vasquez, the mother of Yuliana, ran the red light causing the crash.

Aaron is out on bond and is facing a charge of vehicular homicide.

Here is the full update I posted earlier this morning on the story when I learned of the blood test results:

Remember, even if drunk, a vehicular homicide charge only sticks if Aaron’s actions caused the crash. Causation was the buzz word for the dramatic and very polarizing 2011 trial of Scott Owens who admitted he was drunk in 2009 when he crashed into a car killing four teenagers and injuring a fifth. But he said he never caused the crash and a jury agreed, acquitting him of the vehicular homicide trial.

Owens attorney, Dan Cron, is also Aaron’s attorney so he is well versed on the causation standard in cases like this.


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