The notorious Daniel Martinez back in jail

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Daniel Martinez booking mug on Jan. 3 (Courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

I’ve been pretty sidetracked this week working on a non-crime beat project at the newspaper and feel bad I didn’t get this info posted when I heard about it earlier in the week. In the meantime, the Journal North got the story out in Friday’s edition.

Notorious criminal defendant Daniel Martinez, 46, who has been acquitted of rape and murder charges in the 1990s and had rape and kidnapping charges dropped from a recent case in Santa Fe in which he escaped New Mexico State Police custody, is back in jail.

He was booked into the Santa Fe County jail on Tuesday after a woman calims he assaulted her on New Years Eve. He is also currently on probation for his recent plea deal with the state on that escape conviction.

For more details, here is Vic Vela’s article in Friday’s Journal North:

  1. Mark says:

    Can’t he attack someone who’s armed for once?

  2. charles mackentosh says:

    This criminal has this attitude of entitlement all over his face and the next assigned judge who will hear his probation violation should slam him into serving his reminder of time owed to the state in the state prison, period! Look at his facial expression on his jail photograph. It appears like “ha, ha, you can’t touch me, I’m super con.” Yeah, he may think he is a bad ass ex-convict, but his time is running short and I hope it is real soon. It is just a matter of time when he will end up in a garbage can bury underneath a heap of trash where he belongs.

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