End of the streak? SFPD arrests suspected serial streaker/flasher

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Sabien E. Byrd (Courtesy Santa Fe County jail)

I first caught wind of a possible arrest of the infamous downtown Santa Fe flasher on Tuesday night.

Here is what I tweeted:

@GeoffGrammer Downtown #SantaFe flasher caught? I think he has…wearing tights, mask, green thong but no cape as in the past incidents. Good get by SFPD.

But I’m off work until Thursday and it wasn’t until Wednesday around lunchtime I heard official police confirmation of the arrest of 37-year-old Sabien E. Byrd from a story posted by Julie Ann Grimm on The New Mexican‘s Website:

From Julie Ann’s story:

Cab driver David Knowles said he had finished his shift and had stopped to visit his wife who working at the Inn of Loretto. As he drove away, he noticed Byrd on the sidewalk of Old Santa Fe Trail because of his unusual outfit: a ski mask, hooded sweatshirt, flesh-colored tights and a neon green G-string.

Although Knowles, 40, only had a view from the back, he could see Byrd “gyrating” at a woman who had a “startled look” on her face.

Police say Byrd’s suspected habits include cutting holes in the crotch area of tights so that he can easily expose himself.

Knowles had read newspaper stories about several reports of indecent exposure in the area and said he knew right away what he was seeing.

“Who else is running around in a green neon G-string at night?” he said.

Here is a link to the article I wrote about the flasher on Nov. 30:

And for good measure, here is some background footage on the subject matter:

  1. David says:

    “Who else is running around in a green neon G-string at night?”

    More than the police will cop to. This guy’s a discount copycat.
    Dont’ ask how I know.

  2. charles mackentosh says:

    Whether he is a copycat or not, this Byrd guy criminal background history on related sex offenses from another state should seriously be researched by the police. Apparently, if you google the Nevada State Prison website, this same sex offenders’ name is listed for serving time for some type of sex offense, included in the State of New York where he is currently wanted for a pending sex offense/charge. All of this information is public information and easily accessiable. I am glad the law enforcement community and many state laws across the nation support the Megan Law model for reporting and keeping track of Registered Sex Offender’s in our communties. Did they require for this Byrd flasher to be placed on some type of GPS monitoring system by the courts prior to being released from the county jail? I doubt it. As we all know how the courts work in Santa Fe County, the assigned judge probably released him on a small bail and did not require for him to be placed on any tracking device of any nature.

    • Cruz says:

      Sabian Byrd Is a real freek and should move away from our comunity His so called art is just a remanence of the terror he sends out to the inacent bi-standers what the hell is rong with this pervert ? you cant score areal lady so you act out like atrue degenerate !

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