Burglary arrests up for Santa Fe PD, burglary reports down

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Funny how that works.

Statistics released Thursday by the Santa Fe Police Department show burglary arrests and receiving stolen property arrests are up 17 percent (from January through the end of November) this year over the same 11-month span of 2010.

The number of reported auto, residential and commercial burglaries, meanwhile, are down when comparing the two 11-month periods.

Here are some numbers for Jan-Nov of each year (Thank you Miquela Gonzales, SFPD crime analyst, for crunching all the numbers for us!):

  • 2010 (Jan.-Nov.) residential burglaries: 818
  • 2011 (Jan.-Nov.)¬†residential burglaries: 734
  • Percent change: minus-10%

— — — — —

  • 2010 (Jan.-Nov.) commercial burglaries: 231
  • 2011 (Jan.-Nov.) commercial burglaries: 200
  • Percent change: minus-13%

— — — — —

  • 2010 (Jan.-Nov.) auto burglaries: 1,065
  • 2011 (Jan.-Nov.) auto burglaries: 792
  • Percent change: minus-26%
  1. charles mackentosh says:

    I am pleased that the SFPD Criminal Investigations Unit (Property Crimes) are finally making a difference in these statistics. In addition, the Magistrate Court Judges should continue to envoke thier bail and bonds process by imposing higher penalties against these burglars in order to keep them from being released earlier from jail. I am also pleased with the judges imposing as part of the conditions of being release from jail is to require for these burglars to be monitored by a GPS device. All of these measures do work and this is why our burglars in Santa Fe are finally being accounted for. Now, we need the Municipal and District Court Judges to do the same with increasing higher bail and bonds and to require for all the serious criminals to be GPS driven when they get out from jail.

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