For third time in two months, Jerome Block Jr. back in jail

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Jerome Block Jr. new booking mug shot as of Dec. 13 (Courtest Santa Fe County jail)

For the the third time in less than three months, former PRC Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. has been booked into the Santa Fe County jail.

(CLICK HERE for full story posted on New Mexican Website with update on Block being booted from the Drug Court program)

Jail records show he was booked in Tuesday at 3:12 p.m.

It is unclear what his latest violation was that landed him in jail, but his previous two trips there (Oct. 14 and Nov. 14) were related to violations of the terms of his participation in the Adult Drug Court program, but not necessarily a dirty drug test.

The 34-year-old Española resident, who has acknowledged a problem with prescription drugs, promised as part of his Sept. 28 plea agreement to enter drug court with state District Judge Michael Vigil.

Participants in the program usually take about 12 months to successfully graduate the course and there are often several slip ups along the way. Three in just two months, though, are a lot and it is unclear whether Vigil will continue to allow Block to participate in the program.

If he is booted from Drug Court, he could face up to 4 1/2 years in prison per a plea agreement he reached with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.

His crimes included, among other things, fraudulent use of a state-issued gasoline card, embezzlement and identity theft. He also pleaded guilty to three felony charges for violating campaign-finance laws and embezzling public funds during his 2008 campaign.

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  1. annoyed says:

    Grammer we know it’s your pathetic job to report on people’s struggles with the law, but could you give it a rest with Block? The bloggisphere retweets this junk and you are ruining more an already ruined man’s life if that is possible, which sounds absurd but you are doing it.

    • geoffgrammer says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not sure I am in anyway ruining his life. An elected public official who pleaded to felony offenses that happened while he was an elected public official will be news to the taxpayers/readers/blogosphere and whoever else may be interested as long as his court proceedings continue. And make no mistake, while he is being given an opportunity to avoid 4 1/2 years of prison as a part of his plea agreement, I will certainly continue to follow his progress through drug court and three violations in two months is troubling.

      I hope he gets the help he needs, but don’t plan on stopping my job which includes covering elected officials in trouble with the law. It isn’t as though this was years ago. This is his third arrest since he pleaded guilty to felony charges on Sept. 28.

      Again, sorry if you honestly feel I am somehow the problem here. And just because I broke the story first doesn’t mean other media outlets (television and newspaper) wouldn’t also cover the story, not just me.

      Here’s hoping Jerome gets help.

      Geoff Grammer
      On Twitter: @GeoffGrammer

    • David says:

      Seems like Block is the one who should “give it a rest”. Did you complain to every local newspaper and TV station that’s broadcasting this across the airwaves, AND the blockusfear?
      I doubt that Geoff was responsible for his getting elected to a $90K a year public official office

      Look on the sunnyside. He’s likely to truly dry-out with an extended vacation from the public.

  2. […] the third time in two months, Jerome Block Jr. has been arrested. From Geoff Grammer of the Santa Fe New Mexican, who reports that the former member of the Public Regulation Commission has been booked into Santa […]

  3. […] the third time in two months, Jerome Block Jr. has been arrested. From Geoff Grammer of the Santa Fe New Mexican, who reports that the former member of the Public Regulation Commission has been booked into Santa […]

  4. Mark says:

    Keep it up Geoff, these politicians need to feel the pressure of their positions and understand and own what is expected of them. You’re the crime reporter and many citizens are very interested in this subject area in our community. Many people vote intentionally for questionable characters and many are duped by friends, family or established politicial figures to put more “patrons” in office.

    “Annoyed”, it sounds like you too “struggle” with the law, as well as right & wrong. Your attitude is precisely what enables criminals and emboldens them to continue their “me, me, me” lifestyles. Gone are the days of the new mexico politicians sweeping their offenses under the rugs, thanks to courageous reporting by journalists like Geoff, Gadi Schwartz and Larry Barker.

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