Don’t worry Santa Fe, your police chief is now officially an actual police officer

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Santa Fe Police Chief Ray Rael at his desk in July 2011. (File photo by Natalie Guillen/The New Mexican)

Santa Fe Police Chief Rae Rael, who has been chief since July 14 and was interim chief since March through July, is now an official police officer.

He was a Santa Fe cop for 21 years before retiring from the force in 1999. When he returned in March after the voluntary demotion of former Chief Aric Wheeler, Rael was no longer a certified officer, which obviously is a rarity for the guy running the police department.

Rael had up to 1 year to get recertified. Here is the press released sent out this afternoon on the announcement:

Just over four months after his July 14 appointment as Santa Fe’s Chief of Police, Raymond J. Rael has completed all classes, exams, and exercises at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and has received his recertification from the Law Enforcement Academy Board. Chief Rael was named first in his class academically. “I was last certified in 1999 when I retired,” explained Rael, who retired from the Santa Fe Police Department with 21 years of service,“and it all came back to me fairly easily.”

City Manager Robert Romero said of Rael’s accomplishments, “I am extremely proud of Chief Rael’s commitment to excellence, and I believe the city as a whole can feel safer knowing that we have a police chief who not only can run an efficient and effective Police Department, but has been recertified in general law enforcement.”

Rael had to successfully complete 120 hours of course work; pass a background check, a physical, and a psychological exam; requalify for hand-gun use; and demonstrate safe operation of an emergency vehicle.

The Law Enforcement Academy Board consists of the Attorney General, who serves as Chairman, a certified Tribal or Pueblo Police Chief, a Municipal Police Chief, a County Sheriff, a State Police Officer, a District Attorney, a line level officer of the rank of Sergeant or below, and two citizen representatives.


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