Does Santa Fe have a serial flasher? Man seen downtown wearing a ski mask, nothing else

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Truth is even if I did have art to run with this post, I probably couldn't.

A 17-year-old boy on Tuesday reportedly saw a man wearing a black ski mask and, well, nothing else near a dirt path near downtown Santa Fe.

And is seems this isn’t the only time the serial flasher has decided to bear all (or nearly all) in the area. Witnesses in the past few years have reported seeing a streaker frequently in the area always wearing a mask and even some times wearing a cape or even tights with the crotch cut out for full exposure.

Police are now asking for a full, detailed description of the man. Seriously.

From the article:

Witnesses have reported that he wears a mask and little else, although some reports have said he occasionally donned a cape and has also been seen in crotchless tights.

• • • • •

“If people see this going on,” Santa Fe police Captain Aric Wheeler said, “they have to report it to us because, obviously, the last thing we want is something starting off as some juvenile streaking prank escalating into something far more serious. And if this is a person [who] is doing it over and over, we need people to help us by reporting it.”

• • • • •

Over the past several years, said Wheeler, there have been occasional reports of a streaker in the Canyon Road and downtown areas in which witnesses described a man wearing a cape “and at times tights or leotards that were cut out so as to expose his genitals.”

• • • • •

A police report filed by Officer Richard Johnson states: “A female is reporting her 17-year-old son was walking on a dirt trail between the Cross of the Martyrs and Camino Los Altos. He told her he saw [a] male standing off of the trail and had no clothes on. The only thing the male was wearing was a black ski mask.”

Officer Johnson’s report goes on to state, “I asked her if her son reported if the male was performing any lewd acts. She advised me he was just standing around.”

And yes, the name of the officer who wrote Tuesday’s report on the naked man is really Richard Johnson.

Anyone with info on the naked man can call Santa Fe police at 428-3710.

Here is the link to the story posted Wednesday night on the New Mexican website and appeared in Thursday’s print edition:

  1. John says:

    Well, they just caught the flasher yesterday. Here’s my question…..According to the law that city council passed so they could have the right to ride nude on a bicycle in a parade on the plaza in full glory….Will this mean that a true person with obvious psychological problems will go scott free?
    My impression is that as sick and disturbed as this man is, the vote earlier this year lumps sex offenders in with freedom to exposure whenever and wherever they want.

    Thanks, City Council

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