More political graffiti reported early Saturday in Santa Fe

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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CLICK TO ENLARGE: Graffit discovered Saturday morning at the Wells Fargo branch on Cordova road near St. Francis Drive. (Geoff Grammer/The New Mexican)

On Friday (for Saturday’s print edition but posted online Friday) I wrote about Santa Fe Police investigating at least seven known graffiti incidents that all seem to be tied, at least loosely, with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Well on Saturday morning, I was alerted to at least two more cases and drove out there to take some pics to post here, especially since Friday’s article didn’t include any pictures of the recent taggings.

The two places vandalized later Friday or early Saturday are the abandoned Mustang gas station near the intersection of St. Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road and the Wells Fargo branch on Cordova Road, also near St. Francis Drive. That makes the third different Wells Fargo branch vandalized in the past two weeks.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Vacant Mustang gas station near the northeast corner of St. Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road. (Geoff Grammer/The New Mexican)

In the recently published article I cite Santa Fe police acknowledging they don’t think it’s the primary participants in Occupy Santa Fe and members of that group have tried to distance themselves as well.

From the article:

Donato Thomas Jaggers and Sheridan Phillips, Santa Fe residents active in Occupy Santa Fe, said the spray-painted messages could be the work of an overzealous sympathizer, but are certainly not the result of any coordinated action by the mainstays of the movement, including people who have been staying in tents in the city-owned Railyard Park in recent weeks.

“This movement has no leader,” Jaggers said. “It’s totally grassroots. It’s totally organic. That could be a kid or some adult who’s out there and who believes he’s with us. But it has not been discussed in general assembly.”

And here, with the update of both of Saturday’s incidents on top, is a list of the related taggings police are hoping to solve:

  • (discovered Saturday morning) Wells Fargo branch, 545 West Cordova Road, had “Revolution sprayed on a stucco wall outside the bank with the EVOL in the word in red letters while the rest was in black spray paint
  • (discovered Saturday morning) The vacant Mustang gas station near the northeast intersection of St. Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road has in dark red paint “Your rights…. use them or loose (sic) them!!”
  • The Bank of America branch at 101 Paseo de Peralta has been hit twice with graffiti — once in black paint with the word “Revolt!” sprayed on a wall and a second incident with the phrase “We are not slaves” in red paint.
  • The Wells Fargo branch at Paseo de Peralta and Washington Avenue had “Protest!” sprayed on a wall in black paint.
  • The Wells Fargo branch at 3150 Cerrillos Road had “WE ARE NOT $SLAVES” spray-painted in black across a glass teller window.
  • A wall along the Ponce de Leon Retirement Center near St. Francis Drive at Alta Vista Street was painted with black lettering saying “Your country is failing you! Revolt!”
  • A wall along the Scottish Rite Temple, 463 Paseo de Peralta, had graffiti in black paint with a similar message.
  • A metal electrical box at the New Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, had “Revolt!” written in black paint.

Here is a link to the article published in Saturday’s New Mexican:

Police ask anyone with information to call the city’s graffiti hotline at (505) 955-2255.

  1. Vic Amuso says:

    Well you cant blame em. The way I look at it is if the people are not heard out it may get worse and escalate to damage instead of spray painting. Look at the LA riots of the 90’s. Those riots couldnt be controlled they just left it as fire to burn itself out. The military is very much seeing in the favor of the people, and if this escalates worse its likely to wind up like those riots except it will be much widespread and all nationalities and ethinicities together united. And the bad thing about this is the people out number the authorities thousands (or more) to one and what is being said is true. I thought the people controlled the government since its our taxes that pay the politickys and the voting that gets them into there. The people are the heartbeat of America, and if you kill that, everything else dies. Who puts the money in the banks? The people do. Im sure if everyone pulled their money out of the banks and pumped it into fair trade and building up with their neighbors and fellow people the banks would again crumble. Imagine if everyone went on strike? Everyone just got up and left home, quit their jobs. The taxes they pull out of our check would then go where? That would cause the govenment in itself to crumbleIf some banks go under….oh bad. Im sure in their glory days they made an imense amount of money. Why be greedy? Havent the banks made enough? Those CEO’s and investors should maybe throw in the towel, take care of your employees and retire. I see this has the potential of getting worse…for the govenment and the banks. I see people starting to think, “Hey I dont need a paycheck, they take half my pay in taxes anyway, I can survive by trading clothing to so and so for food in turn who trades food to so and so food for wood.” Who needs TV? Its just another bill for soft mind control. Nows the time for Obama to his “change” thing. If not the next election will give us people like Ron Paul or even Gary Johnson who will make this their #1. Big banks, New World Order agendas, and secret government did not see this coming. Quit looking at your bank accounts and which laws you made that you want break everyday. Want to end this before it gets worse? Hear the people out as you are here to serve them and as United they are starting to stand in great numbers. Forget Iran and their bomb, who even knows if stuff like that is true anymore? I dont. Do you? After all our coutry gave the W of MD to Iraq decades ago in order have something to call Sadam on decades later. We should have the ability to see an attack coming if it ever came. Right? We can send a satillite to another planet, and watch that, but not an attack? Forget the other countries. You take care of your people and thus they will take care of you.

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