Repeat felony offender back in prison after recent arrests

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Mary Jo Chavez, 48. (Booking mug shot courtesy New Mexico Department of Corrections)

Mary Jo Chavez, a 48-year-old Santa Fe woman with nearly two dozen arrests in the Santa Fe area in the past 15 years, is back in prison.

We wrote about her in October (here and here) after she was arrested by Santa Fe Police for what would be her seventh DWI arrest (at least three prior convictions). DWI arrests No. 6 and 7 were both pending cases at the time of our Oct. 24 article. Chavez was also arrested earlier this year on a shoplifting charge in which she pleaded no contest in Municipal Court.

All this while she was supposed to be on probation from a prison sentence through March 2012.

The Oct. 24 article noted that despite her history and the fact she was still on probation for a prison sentence state District Judge Michael Vigil handed down to her in 2005, Santa Fe County Magistrate Judge George Anaya Jr. allowed Chavez after her most recent DWI arrest to leave jail without posting any money for bond.

Chavez was supposed to show up to Magistrate Court on Wednesday (for her pending DWI case) and state District Court on Friday morning (for numerous probation violation charges). She didn’t show up to either, but it seems it was for good reason.

Chavez is now living in the state women’s prison in Grants and has been since Wednesday.

I verified with the Department of Corrections that she is currently being housed there are a probation violator for the following charges (all of which Vigil sent her away to prison for once before):

  • Bringing contraband into jail (2005 case)
  • Escape from a community custody release program (2005 case)
  • Forgery (2004 case)
  • Breaking and entering (2004 case)
  • Fraudulent use of a credit card (2003 case)

It is unclear how long Chavez will be incarcerated for this time or when her current DWI and other offenses she has recently been charged with will be handled in court.

Here is a link to the two recent articles on Chavez:


  1. Really her 7th dwi arrest how many more people are going to have to die until the government takes action in not letting these irresponsible idiots on the road after their first offense!!!!

  2. Bryan Bishop says:

    7 times and she didn’t have to post a bond?? This is insane! In the South we have a 3 strikes law, maybe New Mexico should take a lesson. 3 strikes and it is a mandatory 10 years.

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