Attorney: Brothers did not know police were outside their home

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Samuel Pauly, left, was shot and killed Tuesday night by New Mexico State Police. His brother, Daniel, right, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer. (Courtesy photos)

According to Santa Fe attorney Dan Cron, brothers Samuel and Daniel Pauly had no idea it was three New Mexico State Police Officers outside their Glorieta home Tuesday night.

Instead, they thought intruders were on their property when they saw flashlights out their window not long after a road rage incident involving Daniel Pauly on Interstate 25 as he was driving home from his job at Geronimo restaurant in Santa Fe.

So when they fired warning shots in the air trying to scare the intruders off (their side of the story), police took that as shots being fired at them (police side of the story) and the cops fired back, killing Samuel Pauly.

The brothers have no criminal history in New Mexico.

Here is the link to the article that published in the Thursday print edition of the Santa Fe New Mexican:

  1. munsonhunt says:

    Sam and Dan Pauly are the kindest, most gentle two young men I have ever met. They will be missed at Geronimo, and in my life. They were always willing to help anyone in need. This is tragedy and loss for the community and the human kindness they stood for.

    The state police were not protecting our home front, but attacking it.

    We at Geronimo will deeply miss our friend Sam.

    Munson Hunt
    Geronimo Host, sculptor

    • Matt martinez says:

      By the way…..the one that caused the road rage incident was under the influence of alcohol and the one that got a bullet in his ass was high on marijuana. Know the facts before you open your mouth to excrete all that verbal diarrhea!!!!

    • LEO says:

      Its not the State Police fault. You have to look at it from their point of view cops always have to be on alert. Just a horrible accident.

  2. Ali says:

    This is a senseless, unfathomable tragedy. Sam Pauly was truly a wonderful man with a gentle, kind nature and a warm heart. It is unspeakably sad and wrong that he is no longer here with us. The NM police are responsible for gross, unconscionable negligence in this descpicable, horrid, and sad event.

    Ali Le Grand
    Friend and co-worker of Sam and Dan Pauly

  3. I hung out with them every now and then and knew the homeowner very well. Sam was a great guy and this didn’t have to happen like this.

    It is not like the State Police were carrying out a warrant on some violent criminals. It was a follow to a road rage accusation.

    Citizens still have rights and one of those is to protect their property. if you come in unannounced through the woods then what do you expect?

    Very sad. Dan needs get out of jail and all of these charges better be dropped…

  4. Robin says:

    After just a few brief encounters, Samuel Pauly’s kindness and peaceful nature left a strong impression on me. He was one of the gentlest souls I have encountered In Santa Fe. I will not forget his last words to me; they were strikingly warm and thoughtful.

    Our police, who are supposed to protect us, have coldheartedly shuffed out the life of a young man who was an example for us all..A respectful young man, with no criminal record was scared, and was protecting his property. The police (yet again) acted carelessly and callously, and, for no apparent reason, killed an innocent man. They have left his equally-innocent brother forever altered, left for the rest of his life to try to recover from this violent, needless tragedy, the murder of his best friend and brother. Unfathomable… And every day we witness so many clear-cut crimes, to which the police turn a blind eye. Something has to give; what will it take?

  5. Vic Amuso says:

    These cops cant be doing stuff like this, its becoming a police state. These cops had no buisness entering the property unanounced and the way they did. These police forces need to watch what they are doing. It seems like the more they drive down the crime rate the more they become the criminals. If this type of behavior by police officers continues maybe citizens need to overthrow them and take the stations by force. Its our right as taxpayers and voters to remove a govenment entity if we see it unfit and tyrannical.

    • Matt martinez says:

      Try putting on the uniform and walk one night in their shoes. You cowards always cry about how unfair they are being, but they are the first ones you call when something happens to you. I dare you to try and walk in and take their stations by storm. You will be lying right next to that idiot!!!

  6. Aaron says:

    I appreciate your guys’ loss, but you CANNOT fire shots from a GUN into the air while police are outside your house. Who of you would do that? Even if you though someone else was there? The “gentlest kindest soul” I know doesn’t own a gun!!! Police cars are very easu to see and identify if you look! Something doesn’t add up. I sense a touch of bias in these comments.

    • Steve says:

      Did you even read about this? The police cars were nowhere in sight. Owning a gun does not disqualify one from having a gentle soul. You do not know Sam and Dan. I do. And nothing that has been said here in support of them is not true. That you do not know the very basics of this incident, that the cops were sneaking up on the house for a stupid reason and their cars were hundreds of yards away shows that you a going off half-cocked without all the information you need to make sound judgement, even though it is right in front of you. Much like the cops did. I sense more than a touch of willful ignorance in your comment.

  7. Bill Manns says:

    All charges were dropped by the DA last week

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