VIDEO: 5-year-old hit by truck in parking lot (not seriously injured), driver assaulted

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Here is surveillance video from Smith’s, 2308 Cerrillos Road, of a 5-year-old girl getting hit by a pickup in the parking lot (she was not seriously injured … story first published in Sunday’s New Mexican).

Members of the girls family can be seen immediately running over to the truck that struck the girl and reaching in to the vehicle where police say the men attacked the diver. No charges had been filed as of Monday night.

  1. Patty Busley says:

    A child does what a child will do. Recently in the Cerrillos Smith’s lot, a little girl darted away from a group of adults. A motorist hits the girl, no contributory negligence per the police report, no life threatening injuries to her. Good ending, no! The no fault motorists he gets assaulted brutally by three of the girl’s adult companions. This disgusting response clearly was not about a little girl darting in front of a car and being hit. Should these machismo laden thugs get charged and convicted, perhaps Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona can take them in. After some time in pink underwear with hardened criminals, their out of control machismo may be permanently bridled.

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