AGs Office takes exception to coverage, criticism of Block Jr. plea deal

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Public Regulation Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. is questioned by the media after a hearing Wednesday on his election fraud case in state District Court. (File photo by Natalie Guillén/The New Mexican)

This isn’t the first time in the past several months the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office has had a problem with media coverage and criticism it has received.

As it has begun doing in recent months, the NMAGO has taken to the blogosphere to explain, well… in the words of AG spokesman Phil Sisneros:

Perhaps everyone can benefit from the rest of the story in this case and maybe, just maybe…gain a better understanding of what has taken place in the Jerome Block, Jr. case.

Sisneros writes that a lot of people think Block Jr. should have received a harsher punishment than he did as spelled out in the plea agreement that calls for participation in the drug court program and a chance to avoid prison time if completed successfully. Block Jr. will also never again run for public office and criminal charges against his father were dropped. Writes Sisneros:

And yes, charges against his father Block, Sr. will be dropped in relation to the misuse of campaign finance money from several years back…why? Because Jerome Block, Jr. took responsibility for committing the crime.

Here is one more fact…Jerome Block, Jr. is a first time offender.  I think any reasonable person would agree that this was the best possible outcome for the state of New Mexico and for the cause of justice. Unfortunately, some folks still subscribe to the theory that facts should not get in the way of a story.

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  1. Antonio Salazar says:

    I am sure that our “Attorney General” (opportunist, political legacy…) Gary King will laud this successful “prosecution” as another example of his so-called “tough stance” on public corruption…

    The truth, however is that this sweet deal could probably have been worked out two years ago, before his weak, politico-friendly prosecution actually helped, and even encouraged Block, Jr. commit even more crimes while the taxpayers paid his salary!

    Gary, the reason Jerome continued to commit crimes is becuase your office’s blunders allowed him to. Had you pushed this matter to trial without all of your political maneuvering, gross mistakes and inability to make a sound prosecutorial decision, he would have been deterred from further victimizing the taxpayers. Instead of bumbling before the Supreme Court in the Bullcoming case, you should have been at home getting your house in order.

    Remember Gary: Being a prosecutor requires more than just crossing your arms and looking down your nose. You need to be a lawyer with a backbone first!

    I’m sure that you and your five hundred pound “flack” will continue to tout your supposed skills at doing well for New Mexicans, but we all know better…

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