Great account of ongoing vehicular homicide preliminary hearing in Thursday’s Rio Grande Sun

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Juan de Dios Cordova in a Santa Fe County jail booking mug from 2009.

The ongoing preliminary hearing for Juan de Dios Cordova, the Rio Arriba County man charged with vehicular homicide, has all the drama you would expect from a Rio Arriba criminal case.

There are attorneys going at it with witnesses, allegations of report tampering, witnesses recanting their testimony, even requests to have a Sheriff’s Office spokesman removed from the courtroom.

State District Judge Glenn Ellington will decide if there is enough evidence for Cordova to stand trial in the case. He stands accused of being drunk and killing motorcyclist Mark Wolfe and injuring his wife Deb Hill on May 28.

Bill Rodgers has a great summary of the past week’s worth of drama in Thursday’s Rio Grande Sun. As often is the case with the Sun, this is certainly worth the read:

  1. Mike says:

    And we wonder why Espanola and the state of New Mexico languishes politically and economically behind regions that would be considered third world entities. The combination of corruption and incompetence make for a disastrous political molotov cocktail If it were not so tragic and pathetic, it would be humorous in a John Nicholl’s fictional novel. These nickel and dime politicians suffer from delusions of grandeur.

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