Substitute teacher fired after passing out in class with cup of wine

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Neither Santa Fe police nor Santa Fe public schools are saying Jill Lyle was drunk when she was found passed out in a classroom Friday at Chaparral Elementary School, but there was a cup of wine sitting next to her.

Lyle was terminated Monday from her job as a substitute teacher with the public schools according to superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez.

Police say they responded to Chaparral Elementary, 2451 Avenida Chaparral, on Friday for a medical assist call. Lyle was taken to Christus-St. Vincent Hospital where she was treated over the weekend. Neither police nor Gutierrez would comment on the medical condition of Lyle, but neither said the substitute teacher was drunk.

Carlos said there will be no criminal charges filed, adding children were not present in the classroom at the time the woman passed out.

Lyle had been employed as a substitute teacher with the school district since February 2011, Gutierrez said.


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