Santa Fe PD make arrest in weekend homicide

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Matthew Sanchez (Photo courtesy of the Santa Fe County jail)

This from reporter Dennis Carroll, who wrote the arrest article for The New Mexican on Sunday:

A Santa Fe man with an extensive history of drug- and assault-related charges was arrested early Sunday, accused of stabbing another man to death during an argument over illicit drugs, police said Sunday.

Matthew Sanchez, 24, was booked into the Santa Fe County jail on an open charge of murder in connection with the death early Saturday of Amaru Leyba, 31, of Ribera, a village in San Miguel County near Las Vegas, N.M., said Lt. Louis Carlos of the Santa Fe Police Department.

Residents found Leyba about 4:45 a.m. Saturday, slouched over the steering wheel of his Mitsubishi Montero in the driveway of a compound at 1600 West Alameda Street, just west of Camino Alire and north of the Santa Fe River.

Carlos said Sanchez and Leyba had been arguing over narcotics in the vehicle and that “Sanchez decided to settle it with a knife.” He would not confirm whether a murder weapon had been found, and he declined to say how many times Leyba had been stabbed.

And here are the articles from over the weekend on this incident:

  1. Mary Jane Darras says:

    He deserves the death penality, why should tax payers pay to feed him and shelter him,
    When he has no regard for human life…He murdered someone….

  2. Jane Doe says:

    okay so first of all you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes Matt did take anothers man’s life but it was in self defense. What if someone tried killing you? Would you just sit there and let them kill you or would you fight back like matt did?

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