The high country: Feds score 5,000 marijuana plants in Bandelier National Monument

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As reported Thursday afternoon by colleague Julie Ann Grimm, law enforcement stumbled across a huge marijuana grow in the Bandelier National Monument.

Apparently one of the few unburned places in the beautiful mountainous area spared by the horrendous Las Conchas fire was a patch of fertile ground containing about 5,000 marijuana plants.

It gives another meaning to the high country.

This from Julie Ann’s story:

Law enforcement officials on Thursday began removing 5,000 marijuana plants growing in the backcountry in Bandelier National Monument.

The park superintendent says that this is the first bust of this kind at a national park in the region.

The monument near Los Alamos remains largely closed to the public due to damage from the Las Conchas fire earlier this summer, and it’s because of the fire that authorities discovered the sophisticated growing operation.

Superintendent Jason Lott said park workers spotted the pot field in rugged terrain last week when they flew a helicopter over areas in the northern part of the park that flooded after 3 inches of rain from back-to-back storms.

An interagency task force of about 35 personnel raided the area at 4:30 a.m. Thursday, then began the labor of ripping out the plants that they estimated could have had a street value in the millions of dollars. The illegal site also featured an irrigation system, he said.

And here is her story as posted online Thursday and in print Friday in The New Mexican:

  1. Vic Amuso says:

    Come on! Theyre just harmless plants. Focus your time and money on violent felons, pedophile high level politicians and hard drug trafficers. The only reason that pot remains illegal is because the government dosent want to tell you that they were wrong when they banned it because certain companies who had ties to politicians, or politickies who own companies, wanted it banned because hemp products would put there textile companies out of buisness. So, they told eveyone that cannabis bad for you, its the devils weed, it makes you stupid, its worse than cigarettes, blah blah, blah. Now people are finding out that its just some harmless herb with many health and industrial benefits that is totaly harmless. Although I beleive it has the potential to make you lazy, other than that thats it. It sure dosent turn you into a violently enraged, no inhibitions having, stomach pumping if you have to much, monster as alcohol. Come on people whos really in charge here, the people or the govnment???? We tell the politicians what WE want and they make it happen, not the other way around. I hope that wasn’t the only grow opperation they had. If they legalized it, then all the thrill and hooplah would be gone. Money saved, room in jail saved, and the pharacy could keed pumping their nacotics out like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. andrew says:

    Does anyone know the location of where the plants were growing? And if so is it accesible by vehicle or are the roads “closed” I’m just curious of where it was all happening at..I’m always in the mountains camping and exploring with my dogs and would like to just look at the area..if you could please please email me back with the est location or road…at you

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