The state cop’s 10-35 that became a national story

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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FILE PHOTO: New Mexico State Police Officer Bert Lopez empties a liquor bottle that was taken from a vehicle during a stop at a DWI checkpoint held in January. (File photo by Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican)

As just about everyone knows by now, a New Mexico State Police officer who was captured in a couple pictures having sex recently in Santa Fe is on paid leave while the recently-completed internal affairs investigation moves on to whatever disciplinary action his bosses decide to mete out.

The New Mexican decided Tuesday to identify the officer as we often do with state employees on paid leave for various internal investigations.

The officer is Bert Lopez, the 2009 District 1 Officer of the Year and a July recipient of a Challenge Coin, an honor given to state cops who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Here is the article that posted Tuesday online in The New Mexican:

When our media partners at KOB-TV published and broadcast the pics late Monday, the story went national all day Tuesday with mentions on national websites like HuffingtonPost, FoxNews and TheSmokingGun, to name just a few.

Lopez didn’t exactly keep his 10-35 on the down low as Santa Fe County had, unbeknownst to the state cop, placed a motion-activated camera at the entrance of La Bajada Ranch where Lopez met up with his friend before engaging in the Honda hood action.

That camera snapped a couple of pics that now have Lopez facing possible termination.

I’ll update what discipline Lopez receives when I learn more. Some think its much ado about nothing while others are calling for his head. Police haven’t officially said much about the incident, but it sounds to me as though he was on the clock, but the sex wasn’t in any way an exchange for getting out of a ticket or anything like that dealing with his job as a cop.

Criminal charges are not being pursued.

  1. Tonito says:

    I heard the interview with the woman on the radio. Its exactly about getting off a speeding ticket. The two had never met until he stopped her for going 10 over limit.

    • geoffgrammer says:

      I heard the interview too. I am not sure the investigators who are familiar with the parties involved ant with the internal affairs investigation believe the authenticity of that radio interview. I can’t tell you if its true or not, but I can tell you there are some people thinking that radio interview was far more entertainment than reality.

      I’ll let you know if I find out more.

      Geoff Grammer
      Twitter @GeoffGrammer

  2. Michelle says:

    Looks like a friend of mine car, and her. I remember that dog. Is this you Samantha???? Shame on you girl!

  3. Darla says:

    While some may view the incident with officer Bert Lopez as being blown out of porportion ,I on the other hand feel he should be held accountable for his indiscretion. It a perfect example of the arrogance that exist in the police community. They are public servants and have no more rights than any other citizen. However, because they choose to wear a uniform and in the case of Bert Lopez, a uniform representing the entire state of NM his action are completely reprehensible. The NM state police mission statement itself states that those selected to serve as officers would wear the uniform with pride and honor in celebration of tradition. The actions of Bert Lopez is hardly something to be proud of. His actions are hardly honorable to the tradtion the organization seeks to maintain. I hope his actions are met with the most serious of consequences.Perhaps this will send the message to all arrogant police officers that think they have entitlements and right above anyone else that they are no more than a citezen themselves. Bert Lopez should be terminated.

  4. Stephanie says:

    So far, the lady on the hood hasn’t been identified…has anyone asked if she was an under aged teenager? If so, Officer Lopez will have much bigger problems. And has Mrs. Lopez spoken out on behalf of her hubby? Inquiring minds want to know.

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