(w/ VIDEO) Gov. Martinez preps for special session at the shooting range

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Screen shot of a McCleskey Media YouTube video of Gov. Susana Martinez.

Gov. Susana Martinez recently requalified for her concealed carry permit outside Las Cruces.

As she said on her Twitter page:

Chuck will never admit it, but I’m the better shot.

Lets just say that as the below video shows, she’s not just a token figure head packing heat because her position as a state governor helps the 2nd Amendment cause. She can hold her own on the shooting range.

And to be honest, as the son of a 61-year-old mother who just this summer qualified for her first-ever concealed carry permit, I don’t think I’d make any wise cracks about the Gov.’s shooting even if she wasn’t all that good.

That would be far worse than bad politics, that would just be stupid.

UPDATED: By the way, her staff says she scored a perfect 100 score with the .38- and .45-caliber handguns.

Here is the YouTube clip:

  1. Mark says:

    Not the CCW test itself, that’s a large sheet of paper. This looks more like a steel challenge or USPSA stage. This is excellent markswomanship. One of those targets is a 2 inch plate at about 10 yards! Atta Gov!

  2. Louis A Carlos says:

    I take my boys shooting all the time, its part of what we do in the Carlos homestead….Gov…my sons were impressed by your shooting. They didn’t believe me when I told them it was the governor of New Mexico.

  3. geoffgrammer says:

    As I updated in the blog post, her staff said the Governor scored a perfect 100 on both the .38-caliber and the .45-caliber handgun.

    Geoff Grammer
    Twitter @GeoffGrammer

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