Video captures inmate picking up stash of drugs outside Magistrate Court

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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(See video at bottom of blog post) Screen image of police video they say shows Job Zoller picking up a stash of drugs left for him at Santa Fe County Magistrate Court on Wednesday morning.

An inmate being transported from Santa Fe County Magistrate Court back to the Santa Fe County jail on Wednesday was caught on camera picking up a stash of drugs — heroin, cocaine, needles, marijuana and more according to police.


Job Zoller now faces drug trafficking charges. It is unclear who is responsible for stashing the drugs outside the courthouse.

Zoller was in court for an unrelated hearing.

The way the inmates are transported from the transport van to the court, there is a few seconds when the first few inmates in the line are outside alone while a deputy from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office remains inside to watch the inmates still in the back hallway of the courthouse. Zoller, a frequent visitor to jail and Magistrate Court according to records, apparently knew this and knew he’d have a couple seconds to get the stash.

Here is a link to KOB’s report from Thursday night that has the video of the  Zoller’s arrest:


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