KOAT interviews young Santa Fe victim of accused school bus groper

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Click link on blog post to see KOAT's video.

Alana Greenfogel of KOAT-TV talked with the young teenage girl who used her cell phone to record video of a bus driver inappropriately squeezing her thigh and the thigh of another girl on the school bus the two rode to and from Capshaw Middle School last spring.

Martin Gonzales, 54, (see mug shot here) was arrested in the spring and indicted Aug. 11 on two felony counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor, one felony count of false imprisonment and six counts of battery. He admitted, Santa Fe Police say, to touching a girl as young as 8.

Gonzales will be in state District Court for arraignment on Aug. 29.

Here are some past articles, including KOAT’s:

  1. duke davis says:

    The school bus driver has been employed as a driver for a number of years and there was never a reported complaint of any kind. Not until a student sought the opportunity to get this bus driver on Video!

    From an objective standpoint, it appears that young female students may have taken the school bus driver’s advances as some kind of “game” that progressed over time into what it looks like at present.

    Understandably, the adult here is the school bus driver who should have used common sense and discretion. Perhaps there is a malfunction in his mental clarity, especially, when obstructed by the musings of young playful girls.

    By the same token, little girls should be taught not to be enticing grown men by their manner of dress or by using encouraging words. Furthermore, it seems as though the school bus driver may have been encouraged in his advances so that he could be recorded on video.

    If there was any improper conduct on the part of the school bus driver, why didn’t these so innocent children complain to their teachers and parents??? If there were complaints brought to the parents early on, why was it not made known to school authorities early on?

    It just looks too pre-planned how coincidentally the video of the school bus driver in question, is made available at the same time complaints are made to the school board and other adults.

    Are we as responsible adults suppose to punish an adult who may have been encouraged in his improper behavior? Were these teens and pre-teens physically harmed or threatened in any manner? No!

    There is more to this story than what is being publicized. It looks like the bus driver is also a victim.

    And finially, when Sgt. Carlos sees photos of a beaten, bloody child he should do everything to protect that child, not pass the buck and say “sorry can’t help you, out of my jurisdiction!” Perhaps he is too busy interviewing young girls.

  2. kathkslzr@aol.com says:

    Mr. Duke Davis, you must have some confidential information about the suspect background and the victim’s of crime who filed the police report that the police do not have. So, why aren’t you sharing this information to the police so an accurate criminal investigation can be completed for the courts to decide on the fate of this criminal case? Otherwise, your whole entire response to this case is only an opinion against victim’s of crime and it has no merit whatsoever.

  3. Samantha says:

    Duke Davis, Sounds like you like child molesters. Nothing these young girls did or did not do, give this disgusting petophile the right to touch them in any way!! His intentions were bad! Let him rot!

  4. Duke Davis says:

    As a person who has studied behavior for the majority of my 60+ years, working with local law enforcement in my past, having personal & professional knowledge regarding disgusting behavior by both guilty men and women, I assure you that my insight is not one sided, nor without consideration of how & why these acts toward children occur.

    My statements have nothing to do with whether or not I have a particular affection for persons who hurt children in any manner. What I am stating is that there appears to be more to this “on-the-surface” witch-hunt. If I remember correctly it sounded like the school girls on the bus were laughing or perhaps giggling, is that not correct? If the alleged perpetrator were your husband, your son, or your brother, would you be so quick to judge?

    This person has not even gone to trial and you feel that you have the right to call him names. Were you there on the school busses day-in-day out? Why don’t law enforcement interview any male children riding the bus?

    Furthermore, I will not do the work that Santa Fe law enforcement is getting paid to do, that is their job. What I am doing or not doing to help this case is confidential and my expertise is valuable as is my time – there are other matters pertaining to innocent victims that I am currently pursuing.

    My loyalities are to helping innocent victims, not anyone else!

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