Motorcyclist dies in suspected DWI crash in front of hospital

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Santa Fe Police Officer Jake Plummer takes a photograph late Wednesday of the motorcycle involved in a fatal crash at the intersection of St. Michael’s and Hospital drives. Police suspect alcohol is a factor in the crash, during which a woman driving a Pontiac Torrent SUV failed to yield during a left turn and struck the motorcyclist. (Natalie Guillén/The New Mexican)

A 40-year-old man was killed Wednesday night when police say a late model Pontiac SUV turned in front of him at the intersection of St. Michael’s Drive and Hospital Drive/Botulph Road.

Santa Fe Police Capt. Aric Wheeler said initial indications were that alcohol was suspected on the part of the 52-year-old female driver of the Pontiac, who investigators believe turned left from westbound St. Michael’s onto Botulph Road, failing to yield to the oncoming motorcyclist driving on eastbound St. Michael’s Drive. Both, it appears, had green lights, but the woman did not have a green arrow, police suspect.

While the crash happened at 7:10 p.m., as of midnight I still hadn’t heard whether police were successful in obtaining a court-order to draw blood from the woman for possible blood-alcohol content testing. She refused such testing voluntarily, according to Wheeler.

Names of the two motorists were not released late Wednesday — next of kin had yet to be contacted for the 40-year-old man who died and charges had not been filed against the 52-year-old woman.

For the hour-plus I was at the crash scene the only media that showed up were The New Mexican and KOB-TV (I see Thursday morning that KRQE also has some video). Here are the articles for those two media outlets, including some video through through the KOB link that shows the 12-pack of beer next to the mangled motorcycle (I talked with crash scene investigators at the scene, though, and it is believed that beer was unopened and belonged to the deceased motorcyclist):

And on a side note, check out Susan Montoya Bryan’s article on a very-much related topic:


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