Third autopsy in El Rancho slayings reveals nothing new for investigators

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
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New Mexico State Police

An autopsy report released Tuesday on 21-year-old Steven Ortiz revealed no new details about the Father’s Day triple homicide of the man and his two parents at their El Rancho home.

According to the Office of the Medical Investigator, Ortiz “died as a result of multiple blunt-force injuries of the head” on June 19 and was found laying face down in the kitchen of the family home. As has been previously reported, Steven’s father, 55-year-old Lloyd Ortiz, and mother, 53-year-old Dixie Ortiz, were also each bludgeoned to death according to their autopsy reports, which were made public July 15.

New Mexico State Police, who have not yet named a suspect or possible motive, believe the family was killed by someone wielding a large pickax. A search warrant indicates investigators discovered a 5-pound “blood-stained pickax” on the family’s property two days after their bodies were discovered.

Sgt. Tim Johnson has said there are no new details to release about the investigation.

The Ortiz family, which owned and operated a tile business from the home and Dixie also worked at a Los Alamos nursing home, was laid to rest July 1.


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