Speed SUV locations for the week (Aug. 1 through Aug. 5)

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One of Santa Fe Police Department's two speed enforcement SUVs. (Luis Sanchez Saturno/The New Mexican file photo)

Each week, we post here on the blog and on The New Mexican’s website the locations of the city’s two Speed SUVs.

You can always check them out by clicking the “Where’s the Speed SUV” link at the top of this blog.

For those who think we shouldn’t be posting the locations, you may be right, but before the nasty e-mails start coming in as they have in the past, please know the goal of the program according to the city is not to catch drivers in the act and surprise them with these speed enforcement vehicles. It is aimed at changing driving habits in identified problem areas around town which is why these SUVs are out in the open for all to see and their locations are advertised in advance.(Of course getting $100 a pop on citations is good for the City too).

So, here are this week’s locations as provided by the Santa Fe Police Department…


  • MONDAY: Aug. 1

SUV No. 1 – Siringo Road at Calle Suenos

SUV No. 2 – Rodeo Road at Calle Pava

  • TUESDAY: Aug. 2

SUV No. 1 — Zia Road at VoTech Road

SUV No. 2 – Agua Fria Street at Harrison Road

  • WEDNESDAY: Aug. 3

SUV No. 1 – Rufina between Fox and Zafarano

SUV No. 2 – West Alameda at Cedar Road

  • THURSDAY: Aug. 4

SUV No. 1 – Gonzales Road at Barranca del Oro

SUV No. 2 – Don Gaspar between Cordova Road and Paseo de Peralta

  • FRIDAY: Aug. 5

SUV No. 1 – San Mateo Street between Galisteo and St. Francis Drive

SUV No. 2 – Bishops Lodge Road at Valley Drive


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