Los Alamos baby, Grey Vigil, died of natural causes

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Katrina Vigil, seen here after being arrested in October for unrelated warrants out of Bernalillo County.

An autopsy of Los Alamos infant Grey Vigil, a baby who died at 10 days old after his birth, shows the infant died of a brain condition.

The DA’s office now has to decide if the boy’s mother, Katrina Vigil, did anything criminal in her care for boy, which seems unlikely despite the public outrage initially when police reports indicated Grey had been found several days after his birth hidden in a closet.

Police backed off that report, but the fact remains Katrina Vigil did have a secret pregnancy in 2003 while in college at Eastern New Mexico University in which she later tried to claim she found a baby in a park and did not seek medical attention until Grey boy was discovered several days after birth by his grandmother.

But is any of that criminal?

“She didn’t do anything improper. That’s the mistake the police reports put in people’s minds. They made for good headlines, but they were flat wrong.” — Vigil’s attorney John Day

The autopsy pretty clearly states the boy was born with a brain condition that would have cost the boy his life likely in the first six months or so of his life even with the best health. In fact, maybe with the best medical attention available, Grey would have still died at 10 days old as nothing in the autopsy concludes Vigil’s actions in any way led to her son’s death.

Here is a link to the article posted on the New Mexican’s website and also in Tuesday’s New Mexican with a lot more details:


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