Attention Kmart shoppers… police say man was upskirting the shoppers

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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CLICK TO ENLARGE: Center photo of Henry Torcida-Montero courtesy of the Santa Fe County jail. The outside two photos courtesy of Kmart surveillance cameras.

From Shaun Griswold’s article posted Monday on the New Mexican’s website (appearing in Tuesday’s print edition:

Santa Fe police arrested a man allegedly taking up-skirt photos of several unsuspecting women and a child with his cellphone at area department stores over the weekend.

On July 22, Henry Torcida-Montero was arrested at Kmart, 1712 St. Michael’s Drive, and charged with 13 counts of voyeurism. According to police records, Torcida-Montero told officers he took photos and shot videos at Hobby Lobby, moments before he was arrested. He said he did the same thing at Petco and Lowe’s grocery store on July 21.

Torcida-Montero, 30, was caught on Kmart’s surveillance system walking behind several women and taking photos with his cellphone, according to Lt. Louis Carlos.

“He was caught walking aimlessly throughout the store,” Carlos said. “He would choose someone he wanted a photograph of, he would hang around the immediate area and snap the picture with his cellphone and he would walk away.”

For more details on the case, check the following link to read Shaun’s full article:


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