Martin Rael, 46, of Santa Fe. (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County jail)

From Saturday’s New Mexican:

Santa Fe police say a 46-year-old Santa Fe man made a 5-year-old female relative take photographs of herself with a cellphone while she was naked, and also sexually abused her.

Martin Rael, 46, 1258 Senda del Valle, is charged with one count of criminal sexual penetration of a minor and another of sexual exploitation of children. He is in the Santa Fe County jail in lieu of a $200,000 cash-only bond after being arrested Wednesday. According to online court records, Rael has no prior criminal convictions.

While there are some more details spelled out in the court documents, we toned a lot of it down for print. The general run down is this: Police believe Rael either took naked pictures or forced this young girl to take naked pictures herself with a cell phone and he is also accused of using his hands to sexually assault the girl.

Here is the article as published in Saturday’s New Mexican:


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