Dozens promoted, honored at New Mexico State Police ceremony

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New Mexico State Police

Congrats to all the officers honored Wednesday at a ceremony at the Department of Public Safety headquarters at Cerrillos Road and Jaguar Drive in Santa Fe. I was downtown covering the Greg Solano plea hearing, but thank you to Sgt. Tim Johnson for putting together a list of the honorees so I could post it here on the blog.

(By the way, the State Police Agent of the Year, Jesse Williams, was the lead investigator in the Solano case and was at court Wednesday as well).

The following is information provided by New Mexico State Police:

  • Officer of the Year — Milton Brett Jensen (D-12 Deming)
  • Agent of the Year — Jesse Williams (Investigations Bureau)
  • Civilian of the Year — Judy Maes (D-7 Espanola)
  • Medal of Valor — Byran Waller (D-1 Santa Fe)
  • Robert Shilling – Chief
  • Pete Kassetas – Deputy Chief
  • Joseph Lovato – Major (East Zone)
  • Darren Soland – Major (West Zone)
  • David Martinez – Major (Investigations Bureau)
  • Michael Quinones – Major (Training and Recruiting Bureau)
  • Scott Weaver – Major (Standards Bureau)
  • Patrick Werick – Major (Special Operations Bureau)
  • Robert Miller – Captain (D-5 Albuquerque)
  • Dina Orozco – Captain (D-3 Roswell
  • Juan Jose Martinez – Captain (Investigations Bureau – North)
  • Ryan Suggs – Captain (Investigations Bureau – South)
  • Matt Broom – Lieutenant (Investigations Bureau – South)
  • Dale Wagoner – Lieutenant (Investigations Bureau – North)
  • Thomas Harzewski – Lieutenant (Evidence Custodian)
  • Jonathan Salazar – Lieutenant (D-2 Raton)
  • Edwardo Martinez – Sergeant (D-7 Taos)
  • David Neil – Sergeant (D-11 Quemado)
  • Nathan Barton – Sergeant (D-7 Espanola)
  • Micah Doering – Sergeant (D-10 Farmington)
  • Scott McFaul – Sergeant (Investigations Bureau – North)
  • District 1 (Santa Fe) — Bryan Waller (Officer of the Year); Jennifer Marquez (Civilian of the Year)
  • District 2 (Las Vegas) — Ben Swope (Officer); Donna Munden (Civilian)
  • District 3 (Roswell) — Jose Gaytan (Officer); Vicky Leyba (Civilian)
  • District 4 (Las Cruces) — Ron Taylor (Officer); Vivian Gregory (Civilian)
  • District 5 (Albuquerque) — Wayne Harvey (Officer); Karen Vanessa Garcia (Civilian)
  • District 6 (Gallup) — Daniel Lewicki (Officer); Clyde Vanosdol (Civilian)
  • District 7 (Espanola) — Jessie Whittaker (Officer); Judy Maes (Civilian)
  • District 8 (Alamogordo) — Chad Casson (Officer); Paula Dansford (Civilian)
  • District 9 (Clovis) — Michael Smith (Officer); Rita Gallegos (Civilian)
  • District 10 (Farmington) — Brian Kinley (Officer); Sally Wood (Civilian)
  • District 11 (Socorro) — Daniel Chavez (Officer); John Gonzales (Civilian)
  • District 12 (Deming) — Milton Brett Jensen (Officer); Kimberly Valenzuela (Civilian)
  • Investigations Bureau — Jesse Williams (Agent of the Year); Rosa Manning (Civilian)
Challenge Coin Recipients

Deputy Chief Pete Kassetas, Captain Mark Umprovitch, Sergeant Rodney Huffman, Sergeant Jason Green, Sergeant Eric Schum, Sergeant Lawrence Murray, Officer Adrian Salas, Officer Michael Smith, Officer Wayne Harvey, Officer Michael Cruz, Officer Harold Edwards, Officer Jason Blankenship, Officer Robert Soule, Officer Ernest Garcia, Officer Sam Sena, Officer Steven Carroll, Officer Bert Lopez, Officer Raymond White, Agent Kraig Bobnock, Mr. Clint Ramsey, Officer Jimmy White

  1. Geoff – thanks for taking the time to do the post and recognize the great men and women of the New Mexico State Police.

    Chief Robert Shilling, NMSP

    • geoffgrammer says:

      You know how it is, Chief. Even a negative, always-looking-for-trouble crime reporter like me has to class up his blog with good news every now and then.

      Then I get to post 10 more stories in a row about arrests, corruption and generally bad news.

      Truth is you guys got a great group and thank Sgt. Johnson for getting me that info. I’ll keep sneaking in the good news when I can. Just don’t tell all my reporter friends. They’ll disown me.

      Geoff Grammer
      @GeoffGrammer on Twitter

  2. Bonnie Fino says:

    Belated Congratulations to Tom Harzuski on your promotion to LT. It,s well deserved.

  3. […] officer is Bert Lopez, the 2009 District 1 Officer of the Year and a July recipient of a Challenge Coin, an honor given to state cops who go above and beyond the call of […]

  4. […] Lopez was named the 2009 District 1 Officer of the Year for state police and was awarded a “Challenge Coin” in July, but after a security surveillance video showed him displaying some outrageous performance […]

  5. linda ohara says:

    can you tell me who was the previous head of investigations for your department? I understand that it was a man named Holmes? was it Earl Holmes who is now head of investigations for the Attorney General? if not, were they related?

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