Autopsies released for two of three killed in El Rancho on Father’s Day

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Lloyd and Dixie Ortiz died as a result of multiple “blunt impacts to the head,” according to autopsy reports released Thursday by the state Office of the Medical Investigator.

New Mexico State Police on Thursday remained mum on details of its ongoing investigation into the deaths of the couple in their 50s, who were found slain on Father’s Day on their El Rancho property along with their 21-year-old son Steven Ortiz.

An autopsy report for Steven Ortiz has not been released.

Sources close to the investigation have told The New Mexican a pickax is the suspected murder weapon and a search warrant return shows a 5-pound “blood-stained pickax” was found on the home’s property two days after the bodies were discovered on June 19.

State police Sgt. Tim Johnson said Thursday he couldn’t release any new information on possible motives or suspects, adding that investigators are awaiting results of a state crime lab analysis of several pieces of evidence.

  1. geoffgrammer says:

    **THIS IS NOT NOT MY POST (A reader submitted a comment and before I approved it as the blog’s moderator that reader contacted me and asked that it not be approved under his/her name as originally submitted. I am OK with that in this case so I am just pasting his/her comment as it was written, but not associated with that person’s actual name or account info… I don’t want there to be confusion though about this coming from my account. Below is merely a copy/paste from a reader’s comment.)**

    “While published today, this is not new info.
    There hasn’t been any “increased police presence” in El Rancho that I can see, until yesterday. 6 or 7 State police cars working in the area of 502,101D and 84, all near the Ortiz home. It appeared routine traffic work, except for the state police pickup in the river bed, officers nonchalantly talking, etc. Couple of vehicles pulled over. Really good to see them in the area, and hopefully they will be able to take action regarding this heinous crime soon.”

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