Ray Rael has ‘interim’ tag removed, named new Chief of Police in Santa Fe

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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From a press release just issued by Santa Fe City Manager Robert Romero:

Santa Fe City Manager Robert P. Romero announced today that he has named Raymond J. Rael as the city’s Chief of Police.  Romero’s decision to make Rael’s interim appointment permanent was made after a 90-day evaluation of his performance and accomplishments as the Interim Chief.

“I am pleased with Chief Rael’s accomplishments during his evaluation period,” said Romero.  “During his tenure, there has been an overall reduction of burglaries; a reduction of complaints stemming from vagrants in the Plaza; adjustments in scheduling to increase available manpower; and the implementation of a catalytic-converter etching program—making the disposal of stolen converters more difficult. Chief Rael and his administration are working hard to implement additional programs that will continue to minimize criminal activity and to better protect Santa Fe’s residents and visitors.”

More to come on this decision.


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