Abiquiú man charged with Echo Amphitheater smash and grabs

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Juanito Jaramillo (Photo courtesy of Santa Fe County jail from 2009 arrest)

A search warrant filed in State District Court on Monday indicates police may have solved at least four reported auto burglaries from the Echo Amphitheater in Rio Arriba County over the past month.

Juanito Jaramillo, 29, of Abiquiú was arrested Wednesday by New Mexico State Police on a charge of being in possession of a stolen debit card.

That card was linked to a reported burglary of a Volvo owned by a North Carolina couple who say they were parked July 4 at the Echo Amphitheater 17 miles west of Abiquiú when money, jewelry, a laptop and other items were taken from their car.

“The deputy obtained permission to search (Jaramillo’s) residence through the search warrant and we are confident he’s been linked to four smash-and-grab burglaries there at the parking lot of the Echo Amphitheater,” said Jake Arnold, spokesman for Sheriff Tommy Rodella.

Jaramillo is incarcerated at the Rio Arriba County jail in Tierra Amarilla.

(The above post appeared in Tuesday’s “LOCAL BRIEFS” section of The New Mexican)

  1. stewie griffin says:

    His mug from 2009 shows he got grabbed & smashed back then… a model citizen. Despite the rosary Juanito doesn’t seem to be up on the commandment regarding stealing.

  2. Santa Fean says:

    Lock him up with a huge bond he can’t make. Keep him off of the streets until he sobers up. Looks like a junkie to me… but what do I know. Maybe he is a real church goes who strayed over and over and over again like the TV Evangelists.

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