Read the full independent Greg Solano/Sheriff’s Office audit here

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano. (New Mexican file photo)

Friday, State Auditor Hector Balderas released the findings of a costly audit (.pdf link at bottom) conducted on the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office to determine a final cost of the embezzlement and fraud committed by former Sheriff Greg Solano.

The audit, while serving the purpose of determining the county is on the hook for $73,364 from items Solano stole and sold on eBay, also dug deep into the policies and procedures of the sheriff’s office and, well, slams the department for a lack of control and oversight of evidence rooms, ammunition and county supplies.

It even claims there is missing money, marijuana and evidence from criminal investigations being conducted at the department.

Here is a link to Saturday’s article in The New Mexican:

And here is a link to a .pdf of the full audit released by Balderas (and conducted by an independent firm in Albuquerque):

Solano is expected to enter a plea in his case but the state and his attorneys, as I’ve reported before, are now haggling over price. How much money should Solano pay in restitution? The total bill it cost the county to buy the stolen items? The total profit he made? The depricuated value of the items he sold (not all were new items)?

Clovis- DA Matt Chandler wants him to pay it all back, including the cost of the independent audit (more than $64,000 according to what the county told me Friday).


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