City manager sides with police chief, decides to fire two cops

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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City Manager Robert Romero on Thursday sided with interim Police Chief Ray Rael on the proposed discipline of several officers involved in a March 2010 arrest of a man in the Walmart parking lot.

Sgt. Troy Baker, who happened to be the city’s second-highest paid employee last year because of overtime pay (second only to Romero who doesn’t receive overtime pay), and officer Steve Cosban will be fired for their involvement in the arrest.

I was off from work on Thursday so old-school cops reporter Steve Terrell (now dealing with the criminal element as The New Mexican’s state capitol reporter) wrote the article for today’s newspaper.

From Steve’s article:

Santa Fe City Manager Robert Romero said Thursday he has upheld Police Chief Ray Rael’s recommendation that two of his police officers be fired for allegedly falsifying reports concerning a scuffle with a man arrested in a Walmart parking lot.

However, the lawyer for Sgt. Troy Baker and Officer Steve Cosban said the action against them is unfair and that he’ll seek an injunction in federal court to stop their terminations, as well as the suspensions of two other officers involved in the incident. He said his clients were denied their due process rights to tell their sides of the story.

“Robert Romero rubber-stamped the recommendation of Ray Rael, who rubber-stamped the recommendation of (Deputy Chief Gillian) Alessio,” Albuquerque lawyer Timothy White said.

There is a lot more to come of this situation and things appear to be continuing down the same ugly path of discontent at the Santa Fe PD. The rift between the union and the police brass seems to be as bad as ever and may still be getting worse before it gets better over there.

Here are some past articles:


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