Still little word on Ortiz-family killings in El Rancho

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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State Police have yet to release much information on the Sunday night discoveries of a family all shot and killed in their El Rancho home.

It’s still unclear if this is a murder-suicide, a triple murder or even something else. Police will only say all three were shot, but won’t even say that was the cause of death for any of the three until the Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque gets back to them with initial autopsy findings.

Here are some links to coverage of the deaths of Lloyd (55), Dixie (53) and Steven (21) Ortiz:

  1. stewie griffin says:

    Guess we will just assume there is a mad dog killer on the loose and arm ourselves to the teeth. CHECK !!

    • geoffgrammer says:

      I understand the need to not release too much critical information that could jeopardize an investigation, but I find it hard to believe the investigators are OK with the community being left to wonder if there is a killer running around El Rancho breaking into homes and killing families for no reason. If police have at least enough info to calm those concerns for the community, I think it is a disservice not to at least say they don’t have that concern. Unfortunately, State Police wouldn’t even say that much.

      If they don’t know by Tuesday morning if they are even looking for a triple murder suspect in connection to a Sunday evening discovery of three shot bodies, I think I may be even more concerned.

      That’s the modern world of media relations with many in law enforcement though. It’s become such a litigious society that even that basic, calm-the-community’s nerves public service information seems hard to come by. Spokesmen hold back the info out of unwarranted fear that saying too much will one day come back to haunt investigators in a tort claim or lawsuit. What they should do is be confident in their knowledge of the law of what they can and can’t say and confident enough in their investigation to release all pertinent information as soon as they can as long as it isn’t going to jeopardize a case. I have a feeling confirming what they know about this case won’t put anything in jeopardy.

      So, yes, Stewie. Until otherwise informed I think it’s best we all prepare to defend ourselves for whateer may be out there!

      Geoff Grammer

  2. sharon says:

    They already said it wasn’t a shooting yesterday. Might wan’t to check your sources…

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