College professor busted on charges he was pimpin online

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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David Flory (Photo courtesy Metropolitan Detention Center)

A 68-year-old physics professor from New York who owns a house in Santa Fe and was in the Land of Enchantment this past weekend is now in an Albuquerque jail facing charges he was running a prostitution ring online.

David Flory was arrested Sunday night by Albuquerque police after what they say has been six months of a sting operation.

APD Lt. William Roseman told Tom Sharpe that investigators have been working the case against Flory for six months by monitoring the website Southwest Companions.

Flory is a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. As of late Monday, he was still incarcerated in Albuquerque being held in lieu of a $100,000 cash or surety bond. He has been charged with 40 felony counts of promoting prostitution.

From Tom Sharpe’s article in Tuesday’s New Mexican:

Albuquerque police have investigated other online prostitution networks using Craigslist and Backpage websites, Roseman said, but none as sophisticated as Southwest Companions, which has a three-stage hierarchical system of membership and admits new members only on the recommendation of other members.

And of course some had fun with the story. Jeff Proctor of the Albuquerque Journal led his article off with the following:

Inside the classroom, it was all about physics. Outside, police say, it was all about getting physical.

And the reader comments (at bottom of Tom’s article), as expected, were already heating up online when this story was posted Monday night. Unfortunately the original url to the story got screwed up somewhere along the way and so too did all the reader comments from Monday, but before those were lost, I copied a couple.

From regular contributor Fred Stokes:

Is there any evidence that Flory personally profited from this?  Is a law really broken when the promotion of prostitution is entirely words and thus protected by the First Amendment? He advised a woman named Samantha on how to write her advertisements? That’s a crime? Are they kidding?

… to which reader JackieBanes responded with:

If you pull your head out of the sands of idealism, it is clear to see the operator of a website facilitating prostitution committed a crime.

You can split hairs about this or that, but his intentions were to sell sex online. That is illegal and he got caught.

And here are some links to coverage of the story:


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