Attorney General’s Office on the defensive, just not specifically

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Attorney General’s Office spokesman Phil Sisneros on Tuesday morning posted a blog slamming the media.

I think it’s safe to say the source of Phil’s ire, and that of the AGO’s office as a whole, originates with this past weekend’s editorial in The New Mexican: Odoriferous doings at the AG’s office

That piece called for, among other things, for AG Gary King Jr. to step down from one case in particular (see the editorial for that background) and…

“We’d go a step further, suggesting that he consider recusing himself from office, where he’s been less than intensively attentive to his duties between trips abroad — but that’s another story …”

Sisneros didn’t take kindly to that, writing in his blog:

The comments and criticisms of Gary King are not only based on obvious misinformation, but they are personal attacks on the character of the man. And yes, these lies are hurtful to me. Not just because I work for the Attorney General, but because I know the person he is and the real dedication he has for serving the people of New Mexico.

I think it’s important to disclose, as it was in the editorial, that Victor Marshall, the attorney on the other side of the Frank Foy case that now has the AG’s office on the receiving end of so much criticism, also happens to serve as legal counsel to The New Mexican. Basically, he’s our attorney and our editorial page has decided to plant itself very firmly on his side of this matter. That doesn’t mean the editorial page is wrong, but it is worth disclosing.

Take a look at Phil’s blog post and the original editorial from this past weekend in The New Mexican.

And for another perspective on what appears to be a growing feud, check out the always-entertaining website of political blogger Heath Haussamen ( He’s been covering the back and forth this week with these two posts:

What is also absolutely worth noting, as Heath has done in both of his posts, is that The New Mexian very recently (October 2010) endorsed King in the last election.

Here was the opening line of that endorsement from the newspaper I work for:

When it comes to competence and honesty, few of our state’s public servants can match Attorney General Gary King.

This is one of many reasons I’m not a fan of newspapers doing political endorsements, but in terms of the media industry, I am obviously in the minority as just about every newspaper in the country still does them.

  1. Pamela H says:

    So now King wants to play the victim now? He is the state’s top prosecutor, yet he is caught cheating no less than 35 times on federal campaign reports. He got caught by a judge using his employees as witnesses to go after another former employee who was a whistle-blower against King, in order find an excuse to drag her into the Vigil-Giron case. No other prosecutor in the state would dare try to go after their own employee. Well I take that back, Susana Martinez did, and the Supreme Court threw it out. He is now caught by Marshall in another conflict, as he has witnesses in the case that are related to attorneys on his AG staff. King had a conflict in his attempt to rule on the issue regarding David King at the PRC for their co-owned water company, until the media pressured him to recuse. And the smear jobs he does to potential future opponents like Hector Balderas, and two years ago Patrick Lyons is another form of conflict of interest. King uses his taxpayer funded blog and staff to defend himself from the holes he has dug for himself, big tough prosecutor huh?

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