Just 34 of 154 sworn officers at Santa Fe PD live in the city limits

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Click to enlarge (Graphic by Brian Barker/The New Mexican)

The Santa Fe Police Department’s generous vehicle take-home policy that calls for the city to foot the bill on up to 120 commuting miles per day for officers is under the microscope by city officials.

Fuel and maintenance costs are rising drastically because of a recent move from four- to five-day shifts for the department increasing commuting miles by 20 percent.

(See Sunday’s lengthy article on the subject by CLICKING HERE and see a larger version of where all the SFPD officers actually live by CLICKING HERE)

What may be more troubling for many city officials, though, is the alarmingly low number of officers actually living in the city limits of the city they are paid to protect and serve. One of the points of the take-home policy — there are many — is creating a police presence in the city with squad cars parked in the communities around town.

With the take-home policy allowing officers to live as far away as the affordable housing communities of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and housing costs in Santa Fe being through the roof, only 34 of SFPD’s 154 sworn officers actually live in the city they are paid to serve and protect. And by opening up the take-home policy to Rio Rancho and Albuquerque — communities outside Santa Fe County — there are now 69 officers who live outside the county line.

Here is the break down of the department’s 154 officers and where they live:

  • 51 — Santa Fe County (but outside city limits)
  • 34 — Santa Fe
  • 22 — Rio Rancho
  • 16 — Albuquerque
  • 10 — Española
  • 7 — Pecos/Glorieta area
  • 4 — Moriarty
  • 3 — Las Vegas
  • 2 — Ribera
  • 2 — Algodones/Bernalillo
  • 1 — Peña Blanca
  • 1 — Los Alamos
  • 1 — Cordova

And here is Sunday’s article:

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